08/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The September Issue: Icy Stares, Fur, And (Gasp) A Necklace Worn More Than Once

There's been a whole lot of buzz over the soon-to-be-released (August 28th) documentary about the inner workings of Vogue. As we noted last week, the fashion folk have been scrambling to get their hot little hands on bootleg copies of the documentary.


We were lucky enough to see it officially, and must say, the hype is for good reason. Mark the release date on your calendars and get ready for drama, humor (believe it or not), and over-the-top fashion.

Anna Wintour's ensembles were perpetually flawless, with one accessory of note that almost upstaged her Spartan hair. Almost.


Yes, the woman likes fur and wasn't afraid to show it on camera, but what stood out even more was her affinity for these modern, demure jeweled necklaces. Either layered or alone, Anna sported them in several colors with many a floral frock.


We haven't been able to nail down the designer just yet (help us out, people), but a similar -- albeit extremely pricey -- version can be picked up at Barneys ($14,000). If you want to mimic the look for a fraction of the price, we also love this white stone necklace from Kenneth Jay Lane ($400).