12/19/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Would You Go For Brooke With Brow Transplants?


How far would you go to get Brooke Shields-caliber eyebrows? Some women who have put their brows through the ringer via waxing, tweezing, and shaving are now turning to brow transplants for salvation. Not a far cry from scalp hair restoration (think Hair Club For Men), brow transplants take hair follicles from "donor areas" (usually at the back or sides of the scalp)and use them to fill in patchy spots, add thickness to overplucked arches, or replace long-gone brows altogether.

If you're not ready to take that extreme of a plunge, you can keep your brows in good shape -- and resist the urge to take them past the point of no return -- by investing in a shaping kit from Anastasia of Beverly Hills ($75). The kit contains stencils to keep you in line and prevent overplucking, natural-looking powder liners, and a gel that helps mask patches.


And if nabbing those little hairs below the brow line is what always gets you in trouble, pick up a Trim & Shape Brow Grooming Tool from Ardell ($3.50 for three). The razor-like blade in designed to pick up fine, stray hairs without messing with your actual brows.


Would you bring your brows under the knife?

If you're averse to all things that require anesthetic (even if it's only local), check out our Plastic Surgery at Home guide for products that deliver results without the pain.