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Breaking Through the Three "R"oadblocks to Success

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As I was enjoying a relaxing evening in the Jacuzzi I began to ask myself, "what are the three things that have kept me trapped, or stuck, when success was right in front of me?" The answer that came to me is the three "R's" that keep us all from being our very best: Resentment, Regret and Resistance.

Think about it. When we are suffering from resentment we begin to feel frustration, anger, contempt, bitterness and even hatred. When we are suffering from regret we often times experience self-doubt and low self-esteem. Resistance can dig its claws into us in ways we may not even recognize. We resist love, we resist success because we are afraid to fail and many times we are actually afraid to succeed based on past negative programming or conditioning. We resist change and tolerance and acceptance. All are major roadblocks to success, self-love and discovering personal inner bliss.

This month take a moment to write down your three "R's": all that you regret, resist, resent. Take that and make another that lists the opposite of resist, resent, and regret next to each item, person, or action on your first list. "I resent my mother for..." will look like, "I accept my mother for..." Throw the first list away and focus on the second for the entire month.

Start each day with these three questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? What can I do today to make a positive difference in the world? So many of us made past decisions we regret, have resentments towards others or resist change and love and happiness because we made all of our decisions in the past without ever asking these questions. We chose partners, jobs and more when we were totally unaware, un-awake. When the choices we make each day are derived from a place of awakening and inner bliss, all areas of your life will begin to reflect it.

The simple truth is that you can begin this simple process and tune in to the personal inner bliss that will begin to blossom inside of you, choose to get your "shine" on and share it with the world. We are all waiting to celebrate with you.

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