Ditch Your Pity Party Invites!

10/04/2013 05:17 pm 17:17:12 | Updated Jan 23, 2014

Pretend you received this in your mailbox or via Evite in your email:

You are Invited to the Ultimate Pity Party!

Please join me as I sulk and cry, whine, lay around and feel bad for myself.

Party begins each day as I wake up and lasts at least an entire day, sometimes weeks or months or years. So stop by anytime.

What to Bring: Your "poor me" stories to share over and over! It will be super fun, I promise. I will supply the tissues.

Attire: Anything that makes you feel even worse about yourself.

Please RSVP: YES NO MAYBE # Of Guests_________

I receive these kinds of invitations from people stuck in unhealthy patterns of living often. My RSVP is a resounding NO WAY!

How would you RSVP? In fact, how do you RSVP every single day when someone sends you an invite like this? Are you the one throwing the ultimate pity party every day instead of getting up, getting out and making choice and changes that lead you down the path of resiliency?

There is a difference between seeking help or guidance and literally moping around wanting everyone to feel sorry for you while you feel sorry for yourself and do nothing to correct or better your circumstances. Life is waiting for you to live it, no matter what your circumstances are. You can choose to be resilient and start by enjoying the miracle of the sun and moon, the beauty in a single flower pedal or be in awe as you watch a river flow, an ocean move. That is just the beginning.

A prolonged pity party is not fun for anyone. Get sad. Get angry. Get disappointed. But get it out of your system and move forward with new focus.

Throw out the pity party invites because YOU ARE INVITED to renew your commitment to celebrating your resilient life!