04/24/2013 11:11 am ET Updated Jun 24, 2013

My Love/Hate Relationship With Handbags

My love for handbags or purses had begun ever since I was old enough to appreciate fashion. I believe I was five years old when I handpicked a tiny little purse from my mom's handbag collection and decided that this is a more fashionable way to carry my belongings instead of putting them in my big and clunky caboodle box. I had a limited set of treasured dolls growing up and I would pick my favorite doll of the week to take with me wherever I go. My mom's little purse was just the perfect place for my imaginary friends to sit in as they accompanied me whenever I went with my family to the store, the park, to our occasional outings, and sometimes the dreaded dentist. I immediately fell in love with how stylish and grown-up a handbag or purse made me look and feel.

But as years passed, my love for purses slowly diminished while the number of items I needed to place in them grew. My beloved dolls that once occupied my purse were replaced by make-up, cell phones, bulky wallets, keys and miscellaneous paperwork. As my purse got bigger and bigger in size to accommodate the growing list of things I needed to put in it, I started to realize that carrying one around was becoming a hassle. Bringing my purse wherever I went, which at times seemed to weigh a ton, has definitely added additional fatigue to my already aching neck and back. And no matter how much I try to organize what is in my bag and get rid of accumulated junk, it just can't seem to avoid being filled with things accrued on a daily basis.

I also realized that regardless of size or weight, handbags or purses can be quite cumbersome, especially at events and social gatherings. I hate the fact that I have to constantly be aware of its whereabouts if decide to put it down, or reluctantly have it glued to my body wherever I go due to fear of it being lost or stolen. Unfortunately, this is something I have experienced enough times to make me seriously re-think of whether or not it is best to just leave my purse at home.

Then, there were times when I foolishly decided to take my handbag on nights I went out with friends to clubs or bars. I would immediately regret bringing my bag as soon as I step on the dance floor. Spending time with friends in a busy and hectic place like a club or bar is not as fun when a bag is in the way. I hate the fact that I can't fully enjoy the moment as it limits my ability to freely move and dance the night away.

But I guess even with these nuisances, I have to admit that my love for handbags will never disappear. I still love its practicality of letting me carry my ever-growing list of essentials that I must have with me at times. And even though I am all grown-up, I still love the way they make me look and feel stylish.

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