Sarah, You're a Sissy

08/06/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Alaska prepares for its first Bimbo Eruption.

Sarah Palin, who's only served as Alaska's governor since 2006, resigned today, effective in a couple of weeks. She made the stunning announcement in a press conference where she sounded like cross between a high school basketball coach giving the team a half-time pep talk and Cheech & Chong after a particularly wop-wop-whizzly-do episode with some fine Colombian, north slope weed.

She was so unclear and evasive about the reasons for her resignation that I kept banging my car's dashboard thinking my radio was just giving off a lot of static. It didn't work. No matter how much I pounded on her, I couldn't get a straight answer. See if you can figure it out in this AP post.

Sarah Palin The Quitter. I think she said she quit because the media was too negative and she didn't want to waste millions of tax dollars to fight ethics investigations. But really, it doesn't matter. She quit. She gave up. She betrayed everybody who gave money, made phone calls, and invested all their energies into electing her. This is the legacy that Sarah Palin leaves behind:

When the going gets tough, quit.

Thanks, Sarah Palin for being a role model our daughters can look up to. Thanks for living up to the stereotype that women aren't tough enough to stick it out. Thanks for showing everybody that the best way to shoulder responsibility is to wiggle out of it. That when things aren't to your liking the best thing to do is run. And thank you especially for the reminder that quitting is a gift for the people you quit on.

Sarah Palin, Meet Hillary Clinton. She has a thing or two to teach you. Against all odds, Hillary never quit the presidential race until every note of the swan song played out. Weren't you listening when she said that she got up for every American that got hit and went down? Didn't you see her when she refused to wave the white flag you so furiously wave now? Has she taught you nothing? Let me repeat her mantra to you: Never give in; never give up.

Sarah, you're a sissy.

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