Survey: 19% of Men Would Do Brad Pitt if it Meant Sex with Angelina

05/29/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Mike Alvear Author of Eat It Later. Mastering Self Control & The Slimming Power Of Postponement

Glamour Magazine released their "Extra-Steamy" Man sex survey recently. They asked 1,013 men to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Here are a few of the more interesting tidbits of their truthiness, and my take on the findings:

Angelina Jolie has a proposition for you: First, she wants to watch you have sex with Brad Pitt, and then she'll have sex with you. Do you go for it?

Yes: 19%

No: 81%

Badda Bing Bada Brad! No word on what Mr. Pitt would do to exhaust any man from touching his wife, but the findings here support a phenomenon I've noticed for years -- Angelina Jolie has an incalculable sexual draw. Ask any straight woman what female she'd give it up for and it's amazing how often Jolie's name comes to the tip of her tongue.

[Have you ever] Measured your penis?

Yes: 67%

No: 33%

I'm always amazed at the obsession men have with the size of the prize. Kinsey did a study a while back asking women where penis size ranked in desirability. It came in fifth, behind firm muscle tone, well-groomed hair, clear complexion and white teeth.

Faked an orgasm during intercourse?

Yes: 24%

No: 76%

Joan Rivers had a funny line about gay men faking orgasms ("spit on his back") but I'm not sure it applies here. The high number of fakers makes sense, though, given that at least 4% of men have what sexologists charmingly call "ejaculatory incompetence" (the inability to heave your ho in the presence of a partner). Add the most common effect of anti-depressants (delayed ejaculation) and you can see why so many men just say the hell with it, fall back and pretend to snore.

Had sex with a woman you actively disliked?

Yes: 27%

No: 73%

This is further evidence, as if we needed it, that a man's 21st digit will come down with Alzheimer's if it helps the cause.

If you could make love in only one position for the rest of your life? Which one would you choose?

Woman-on-top: 43%

Doggy-style: 28%

Missionary: 25%

Spooning: 4%

A lot of people were surprised at the top answer. They shouldn't be. Men are visual creatures. Though I still think if Lord Carret's favorite position had been an option, it would placed high: "Her knees over my shoulders, with my wallet hidden where she'll never think of looking for it."

didn't reveal how they did the survey (sample size: 1,013 ) so it's hard to pass scientific judgment. Still, we shouldn't look for science as much as insight in these types of surveys. And, of course, the sheer entertainment value.

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