The Ten Best Celebrity Feet (Male Division)

10/18/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Which male celebrity has the best looking feet? I asked a bunch of foot fetishists and here's the list they came up with. Stay tuned for the list of ugliest celebrity feet. I swear, you'll take a look at some of those stubs and yell, "Feets, don't fail me now!" Herewith are the top ten best looking celebrity feet (Male Division).
1. Jude Law

jude-law-2Best celebrity feet Jude Law 2

2. Eric Bana
most beautiful celebrity feet Eric BanaBest celebrity feet Eric Bana 2 Sexiest celebrity feet Eric Bana 3sexiest celebrity feet eric bana 4

2. Matthew McConoaughew
prettiest celebrity feet matthew-mcconaugheybest male feet matthew-mcconaughey

4. Wentworth Miller

wentworth-miller-101foot fetish Wentworth Miller

5. Benjamin Bratt

top ten celebrity feet benjamin-bratt-4benjamin-bratt-4a-1

6. Ian Thorpe
ian-thorpe-11foot worship ian-thorpe
7. Jake Gyllenhaal

jake-gyllenhaal-28top ten celebrity feet jake-gyllenhaal

8. Aaron Eckhart

sexy celebrity feet aaron-eckhardt

best celebrity feet aaron-eckhardt

9. Jack Johnson
jack-johnson-10sexy celebrity feet jack-johnson-10a
10. Brad Pitt
best celebrity feet brad-pittbest celebrity feet Brad Pitt