11/21/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Biggest Races Regarding Redistricting

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I am going to write a series of pieces (hopefully) over the next 24 hours laying out the biggest individual races as we head into the final two weeks of the election. My first one is on the state legislative level.

Because there are so many state legislative races in so many states, I have limited my list to the closest and most important races in the most important states in terms of redistricting. I kept this list to about three-to-six seats per competitive chamber, with the exception of the Nevada Senate, control of which at this moment appears to be mostly coming down to just one race (can you image how much attention that one race is getting right now?)

I also haven't taken the time to find out the dynamics on each race, or who's a good progressive and who's a more conservative Dem. Too many races, too little time, and at this moment all I care about is redistricting.

I'm adding them to my ActBlue page (for reasons beyond my comprehension, some of these candidates don't have ActBlue pages, so you can't give to them there, but I've included links to their websites), and hoping folks who care about redistricting and haven't already spent every last dime they have can throw these folks a little coin:

Democrats today hold a 27-20 lead in control of state Senates and a 30-19 lead in state Houses. Two state Senates are tied.

IN-House (Democratic control, 51-49)

John Polles - Indiana House District 26
John Burger -- Indiana House District 63
Mary Ann Sullivan -- Indiana House District 97

MI-House (Democratic control, 58-52 seats)

Jennifer Haase -- Michigan House District 32
Julie Rogers - Michigan House District 61
Kate Segal -- Michigan House District 62
Judy Truesdell - Michigan House District 78
Mary Valentine - Michigan House District 91
Judy Nerat - Michigan House District 108

Nevada Senate (Republican control, 11-10 seats)

Allison Copening -- Nevada Senate District 6

NY-Senate (Republican control, 32-30 seats)

Brian Foley -- New York Senate District 3
Joseph Addabbo- New York Senate District 15
Richard Dollinger - New York Senate District 56
Bill Stachowski - New York Senate District 58
Kathy Konst - New York State District 59
"Baby" Joe Mesi - New York Senate District 61

OH-House (Republican control, 53-46 seats)

Jennifer Brady -- Ohio House District 16
Matt Patten -- Ohio House District 18
Nancy Garland -- Ohio House District 20
Mike Moran -- Ohio House District 42

OR-House (Democratic control, 31-29 seats)

Toby Forsberg -- Oregon House District 39
Nick Kahl -- Oregon House District 49
Greg Matthews -- Oregon House District 50

PA-House (Democratic control, 102-101 seats)

Ayanna Lee -- Pennsylvania House District 44
Paul Drucker -- Pennsylvania House District 157
John DeFrancisco -- Pennsylvania House District 162
Steve Rovner -- Pennsylvania House District 178

TN-Senate (Tied, 16/16 with one independent)

Becky Ruppe - Tennessee Senate District 12
Randy Camp - Tennessee Senate District 26

WI-House (Republican control, 52-47 seats)

Trish O'Neil -- Wisconsin Assembly District 47
Penny Bernard Schaber -- Wisconsin Assembly District 57
Lou Anne Weix -- Wisconsin Assembly District 90

WI-Senate (Democratic control, 18-15 seats)

Sheldon Wasserman - Wisconsin Senate District 8
Alison Page - Wisconsin Senate District 10
Tara Johnson -- Wisconsin Senate District 32