11/16/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Joe the Plumber's Imaginary Empire

It's no surprise that John McCain's phonied-up image of Joe the Plumber is just as much of a fraud as the rest of McCain's floundering campaign.

The only bonehead in the world who might really believe that Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher is a genuine item is a guy like Steve Doocy on Fox News.

The truth about Joe is that he is not a licensed plumber and he's never made more than $40,000 dollars a year in that trade. The chances of him ever getting licensed and starting a plumbing business that generates more than a quarter of a million dollars a year in profits is so damned close to zero that its tough to describe.

One thing that's probably true about this new McCain-created mirage is that he not only hates Obama's tax plan, he also hates any kind of taxes at all.

In fact, in Ohio, he had tax liens filed against him because he must have figured tax codes were written for people other than him.

In other words, our new friend Joe probably cares very little about schools keeping their doors open. My bet is that Joe doesn't seem to think much about all the reasons that bridges and roads crumble.

Its doubtful that Joe sees much connection between tax obligations and services rendered by police, firemen, librarians, and garbage pick up. The truth is the GOP is jam packed with plenty of loyalists who think exactly like Joe.

Our friend Joe is 34 years-old. He's had a chance to actually get a license and start a real plumbing business for about 15 years as an adult. Plenty of very successful plumbing businesses are launched every year. But that is by tradesmen who actually make the effort to become licensed. That's a first step, Joe.

He's lived in Sarah Palin's home of Alaska, and he's lived in John McCain's home of Arizona in those 15 adult years. It would be fun to look back to see if our friend Joe has ever taken step one to start his imaginary plumbing empire. As you might have guessed, this would-be Horatio Alger myth is just as fraudulent as everything else we've heard coming out of Maverick McCain's mouth since voters started turning against him.

Yes its true that we will have to endure all that stupid talk about Joe the plumber as a distraction these next few days. But the good news is that with all the gushing leaks springing out of the McCain campaign, not even an unlicensed plumber named Joe will save The Maverick from a flood of rejection and disapproval by November voters.