Silence is Golden

09/21/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Mike Papantonio Papantonio hosts Ring of Fire radio, and is a regular contributor to Fox News Channel

In recent weeks, Democrats have made progress with their leadership management skills. Here is what they have figured out: When your opposition is burning down, don't get involved. Sit back and allow it to happen. For example, when the GOP floats the story that Obama is building concentration camps to house conservative critics, just hush, sit quietly and let them tell that story. When Glenn Beck goes on the air to tell us about those new Obama concentration camps, don't interrupt him even when it's clear that those buildings he's afraid of are probably mental health facilities. Or when their party leader Sarah Palin suggests that Obama's health care reform plan includes a death panel that will condemn elderly Americans to die if they require too much medical care, remember; Sit quietly and let the lunatics loose on themselves. In fact, be jubilant when other GOP party leadership stands beside Palin and endorses her as she rambles incoherently about this imaginary ghoulish new death panel. The Democrats have recently figured out that the art of sitting silently when the opposition is so vulnerable requires incredible discipline. When gun-toting healthcare teabaggers are showing up at town hall meetings to shout, scream, and appear unbalanced, Democrats should make sure they schedule as many town hall meetings as possible. Allow it to unfold on the nightly news with regularity.

In politics, sometimes silence really is golden. So when opposition leaders like GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann tells the media that Obama has youth "re-education" programs in place to brainwash children into becoming liberals, make sure Democratic leadership does not disagree, comment, laugh, or shout ... just be silent.

If Democratic leadership ever begins to doubt the value of sitting silently as the lunatics define the image of the GOP, they should go online and google these words, "Orly Taitz implodes on MSNBC." What they will see in that video will tell the backstory about how difficult it has become for Republicans to contain the loon factor within their party.

Democratic leadership will easily conclude that Taitz who identifies herself as "a birther spokesperson," a realtor, and a dentist is helping to seal the fate of a GOP that is developing the image of a deep south regional party destined to wander farther and farther into the wilderness. As Democratic leadership watches wack-a-doodle Taitz implode on behalf of all conservatives, the key will be to ensure that Democratic silence is deafening.

The Taitz spectacle is no less of a gift to Democrats than the videos flooding the net that show a black woman being attacked at a teabagger town hall meeting for holding up a Rosa Parks poster. Or the video that shows immigration protesters shouting that illegals should be bused back to Mexico "after we put a bullet in their head." Public approval ratings of the new GOP are falling to levels that compete with those of Dick Cheney and Ann Coulter. The saying, "Never look a gift horse in the mouth," is a peculiar one. It simply means to hush, don't say a word and graciously accept a gift when it comes your way. These days those gifts are too many to count.