John Edwards Hops The Bad Judgment Express

09/08/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

MOMocrat Stefania, a former Edwards supporter, offers some advice for John Edwards.

Another politician can't keep it in his pants. Quelle surprise.

What to say? I am disappointed. I wish it weren't the candidate I supported for president. Can I get my money back? I mean, if your candidate turns out to be a total douche, you should be able to get your money back, right? Actually, more than that I want my time back. The time I took to carefully explain his position to friends, family, and strangers. The time--all that time--I put into writing about him and why I thought he was the best candidate for president.

Hello, have you seen this site? It's called MOMocrats and we started because we supported a guy for president...gee...what was his name again? Right now I am thanking the universe that we had the forethought from the moment we hit publish on our blog to also keep our eyes on the bigger prize.

I've written before how I feel about cheaters, so you can imagine what I think about John Edwards now. And how I feel for one my idols, his wife.

As I've said before about public figures who choose to make such stupid mistakes, where were his people? I mean, if Edwards doesn't have the self awareness to keep himself on the straight and narrow where, for god's sake, are his people?

Lean in close, John, because I'm about to school you.

The flow chart goes like this:

"I am a public figure. Would having an affair with Botox McFrost-n-Tips be a good idea?"


"...but the road is so lonely..."


"...but I'd really like to tap that."


Full stop.

End of story.


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