06/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Virginia: Healing The Red Rash

MOMocrat Stephanie is covering the Virginia Democratic Convention this weekend for MOMocrats, and reports on the chance to turn Virginia from red to blue in the presidential election.

In the lead up to the Virginia Democratic Convention today, there's been much speculation about whether Virginia will go blue in the presidential election.

Virginia is a solidly red state, although those of us who have lived in Washington, DC, tend to forget that. Virginia is where the South and a major swath of the country's "red politics" join forces. Although the Northern Virginia area is a nice shade of deep blue, by the time you get to Fairfax County, about 7 miles outside of D.C., the atmosphere becomes positively purple. Go another 15 miles and break out the hydrocortisone cream because everyone looks red and it might be catching.

The red rash covers the rest of Virginia, with only a few spots of blue along the coast, Norfolk, being one of them. Nevertheless, everyone thinks Virginia is in play. Certainly the Obama campaign does. Virginia has been graced with his presence in just the last week. And not simply in blue Arlington, but in purple Prince William County and ruby red Bristol. We're being courted. Finally, the Democratic party is trying to heal Virginia's red rash.

Virginia turning blue would be historic. We haven't voted for a Democrat for president since Lyndon Johnson. Johnson! So why are we in play now?