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July 31, 2014

10 Cities Worldwide That Are Working To Win Their Wars Against Homelessness

Roberto Soncin Gerometta via Getty Images

These Are The Top Colleges In 2014

The Highest-Paid Country Stars Are ...

Ethan Miller via Getty Images

State's Refusal To Expand Medicaid May Hurt Its Economy


Which Law Schools Are Worth Getting Into?

Tanya Constantine via Getty Images

Screw The Ivies, Here Are The Best Schools You Can Actually Get Into

amisb via Getty Images

The 10 Best Colleges For Your Money

Glow Images, Inc via Getty Images

PETA Will Help Detroiters Without Water, But It Wants Them To Go Meatless First


Homeless Man Who Sold Sketches Of Dog Now Has Own Art Show, Credits His 'Guardian Angel' Pup

Rob Weir

Reddit Users Share 'Wow, We Were Poor' Memories, Highlight Reality For Struggling Families

Jaimie Duplass via Getty Images

Thousands Of Students Could Have Pell Grants Taken Away After FAFSA Mistake

Porches Are Officially Making A Comeback.. And We're All About It


White House: Tougher Sanctions On Russia Could Come As Soon As Tuesday

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

The 12 Things Every First Apartment Needs


The City Where A Third Of All People Are Millionaires

Getty Images

Lawmakers Scramble To Seal Aid Package For Israel

tupungato via Getty Images

These Architects Have Ingenious Plan For Brazil's World Cup Stadiums

Jobson Galdino

Diner Leaves $1,000 Tip, Waiter Shares Unexpected Gift With Entire Staff

ABC News

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CHARTS: How Much More Expensive Life Has Gotten Since We Last Raised The Min. Wage

The Huffington Post

20 Items You're Gonna Need For The Real World

Brooke Pennington via Getty Images

Family Devastated By Sandy Wins $20 Million Lottery

Associated Press

This Is How Much More Your Health Insurance Could Cost If Two Republican Judges Get Their Way

The Huffington Post

Internet Helps Fulfill MH17 Victim's Wish To Help Kids In Need

Facebook / Richard Mayne

Obama Scolds U.S. Corporations For Evading Taxes: 'I Don't Care If It's Legal, It's Wrong'

JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

This Company Lures Needy Service Members Into Debt And Then Sues Them

videodet via Getty Images

Florida Lenders Skirt State Law To 'Prey On The Desperate'

Stephanie Hohmann / EyeEm via Getty Images

FAFSA Fix Will Mean Less Aid for Many