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October 21, 2014

Your Days Of IKEA Frustrations May Be Coming To An End..

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Here's What Your Contractor Isn't Telling You About That 'Weekend' Renovation Project

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19 Things You Never Knew You Could Get For Your Home At Costco

Bloomberg via Getty Images

The 5 Biggest Money Mistakes People Make

Jeffrey Coolidge via Getty Images

17 Adorably Nonsensical Things That Make Zero Sense, And Therefore Are Perfect


Macy's To Kick Off Black Friday Earlier Than Ever

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Basically, No Colleges Require Students To Take Econ Classes

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Dow Has Its Worst Day In Years Amid Global Market Freakout

Google Finance

Your 401(k) Will Be Fine Even Though Stocks Just Tanked


Would You Pay $150,000 For

Murphy /CDC via Getty Images

JPMorgan Seems Less And Less Interested In Lending Money


How To Sell Your Clothes Online And Make Extra Cash, From Trae Bodge (VIDEO)

WATCH: The Shocking Disparity $1000 In Rent Gets You

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Major Bank Asks Traders To Be Polite, They Promptly Quit

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Conservatives Proven Utterly Wrong On Key Aspect Of Obamacare

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In Bid To Unseat Kay Hagan, GOP Pours Millions More Into Nation's Most Expensive Race

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Great Tech Gifts Under $50, From Trae Bodge (VIDEO)

Koch Brothers Meet Their Match In Alaska Senate Race


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Stay Classy, San Diego: City Might Bus Its Homeless Population Out Of The Area

Andrew Zarivny via Getty Images

The Top Money-Saving Shopping Apps, From Trae Bodge (VIDEO)

The Best Times Of Year To Buy Cars And Computers, From Trae Bodge (VIDEO)

The Best Price Comparison Websites And Apps, From Trae Bodge (VIDEO)

The Money Americans Spend On Fantasy Football Could Solve World Hunger For 2 Years


Viral Fun Is The New Philanthropy 2.0

lina aidukaite via Getty Images

The Best Online Deals On Technology, From Trae Bodge (VIDEO)

Americans Will Spend Over 600 Billion Dollars This Year On This, From Trae Bodge (VIDEO)

Trae Bodge With Marlo Thomas (VIDEO)