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February 28, 2015

Child Poverty Would Be Almost Twice As High If Safety Net Programs Didn't Exist: Report

Henk Badenhorst via Getty Images

Lottery Tickets In 2 States, Puerto Rico To Share $564 Million Jackpot


This Billionaire's Wife Reportedly Wants $1 Million A Month In Child Support

CNBC via Getty Images

3,968 Pounds Of Nickels Stolen During House Party

Ryan McVay via Getty Images

How Libraries Are Adapting To Help Homeless Find Jobs, Health Services


$20,000 Homes Created By Students Could Help Fix Rural America's Affordable Housing Crisis

Timothy Hursley

Cutting Food Waste Could Save $300 Billion And Feed Hungry: Report

Cultura/Matelly via Getty Images

We Hate To Break It To You, But Smart People Are Ripping You Off

Above Average

This Is What Your Office Could Look Like In 2035

M Moser Associates

How This 10-Year-Old Launched One Sweet Business

Lisa Howard

Here's Proof You Don't Need A 6-Figure Salary To Be Happy

Erik Isakson via Getty Images

Amy Pascal Comments On Jennifer Lawrence's Pay Disparity

Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

New App That Simplifies Food Assistance, Healthcare Benefits To Help Millions Of Families In Need via Getty Images

Man Takes On Daunting Task Of Listening To Nickelback For 168 Hours Straight For Charity


Artist Inspired By 'Humans Of New York' Launches Series To Help Homeless In Canada

Mikaël Theimer

Affordable Housing Initiative Demands Action For Historic Rental Crisis We Can't Ignore

Sam Diephuis via Getty Images

You Don't Sound As Awesome Asking For A Raise As You Think You Do

Fast Company

5 Ways Retirement Is Different For Women

Getty Images


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These Programs Are Helping Fix A Broken U.S. Prison System

Spencer Grant via Getty Images

Activist Who Fought Housing Discrimination Is Now Homeless, And The Internet Is Here To Help

Dorothy Mulkey/YouTube

Beautiful Fair-Trade Condoms Could Be Coming To A Bedroom Near You


This Initiative Could Help 60,000 Poor Farmers

Simon Rawles via Getty Images

$75 Million Pledge To Help Reduce Number Of Nonviolent, Poor, Mentally Ill In Jail

Thinkstock Images via Getty Images

People In Developing World Use Paperless Platforms To Get Loans, Build Credit

Bloomberg via Getty Images

The 5 Biggest Money Mistakes You Can Make In Marriage

Jose Luis Pelaez Inc via Getty Images

Let's Stop Debating If Poor Pregnant Women Should Eat Potatoes And Teach Them Proper Nutrition Instead

Fuse via Getty Images

The Top U.S. Charity Donors Gave 28% More In 2014 Than They Did The Year Before

Michael Gottschalk via Getty Images