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David A. Dedman


Is The Roth 401(k) Right For You?

David A. Dedman | October 2, 2014 | Money
The 401(k) is probably the most popular retirement plan in America. Most of you probably have one where you work. But what's this Roth 401(k) you've been hearing about? How does it work? Is it as good a deal for you? The Roth 401(k) seems to...
Steve Rhode


Student Loans Will Kill Your Dreams of Home Ownership

Steve Rhode | October 2, 2014 | Money
The vast majority of consumers in America make important financial decisions basically by-the-seat-of-their-pants. I know people mean well but it is commonly bad advice and accepted assumptions that cause a bright financial future to be scuppered. Let's take the issue of student loans for example. Loads of people blindly regurgitate...


8 Things You Should Talk About When Retiring as a Couple | October 2, 2014 | Money
If you've given any thought to planning your retirement, you've likely considered the obvious, most important questions. And yet there's one that is often forgotten: How would my spouse answer these?
Danielle Tate


October: The Month of Name Change

Danielle Tate | October 2, 2014 | Weddings
Curious why October is the month of married name change? There are four key factors that influence the uptick in newlywed name change this time of year.
S. Georgia Nugent


What Do We Talk About When We Talk About College Debt?

S. Georgia Nugent | October 1, 2014 | Education
Because we don't distinguish among types of higher education, many students don't know that undergraduate colleges can be much more affordable -- and lead to much less indebtedness -- than they realize.


5 Secrets to Mastering Dave Ramsey's Debt Snowball Method

GOBankingRates | October 1, 2014 | Money
I've heard of some families overcoming step two of Dave's debt program in just one year, while other have taken seven years. But it's the small victories you accomplish with smaller debts that can keep you steady on your goal.
Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, CFP

You've Inherited an IRA -- Now What?

Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, CFP | October 1, 2014 | Money
An inheritance can bring up conflicting emotions, placing the positive of financial gain against the sadness of losing a loved one. Complicating the situation further, certain inheritances -- such as an IRA -- are more difficult to sort out than others.

5 Budget Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

SALT | October 1, 2014 | Money
Think tracking your spending is all there is to money management? You might notice your debt shrinking and your savings growing, but you could be doing a lot more to fatten your piggy bank.


What Are the Best Bargaining Techniques When Buying a Car From a Dealer?

Quora | October 1, 2014 | Money
I used to sell vehicles from 2005-2007. I was the #2 top selling salesperson at both of the stores of where I worked. When I was working at a high volume dealership, I was averaging about 23 vehicle sales a month.
Catherine Alford


The ABC's of Financial Stability

Catherine Alford | October 1, 2014 | Money
Always check your bank account. Every day. No matter what. It's important to know how much you have and make sure no one has made any false charges.
P.G. Sittenfeld


On My 30th Birthday, 30 Tips for Your 20s

P.G. Sittenfeld | October 1, 2014 | Business
While I have not heeded all of the pieces of advice that follow, some came instinctively, some were learned from watching other people, and plenty of insights are a consequence of plenty of mistakes.
Jason P. Stadtlander


Money Is Evil and Wrinkles Are Blessings

Jason P. Stadtlander | October 1, 2014 | Money
If money is the root of all evil, then contempt and jealousy is the tree that blossoms from it. Not that I believe money in itself is the root of evil, but that people's desire, quest for, obsession with and what they compromise to get it, often can be.
Richard Barrington


Your Finances: Sitcom or Melodrama?

Richard Barrington | September 30, 2014 | Money
The type of TV show or movie your finances would make is a good clue to what shape those finances are in, and how effectively you handle them.
Teresa Ghilarducci


The Retirement Crisis Is Real

Teresa Ghilarducci | October 1, 2014 | Money
The retirement crisis is anything but imaginary. In a recent working paper, we find that only 44 percent of workers in the United States have access to a retirement plan at work.
Alex and Cadey Charfen


The Cure for Cash Flow Woes

Alex and Cadey Charfen | September 30, 2014 | Small Business
Even though money is what keeps an organization alive and you and your family fed, clothed and sheltered, most people have a tough time talking about it. The term itself carries all kinds of preconceived notions and prejudices with it.
N. Kimron Corion

5 Reasons Why Buying Facebook Likes Is a Waste of Time and Money for Your Business

N. Kimron Corion | September 30, 2014 | Business
I recently had a client who I was consulting and one of the things he was working on was setting up his Facebook page and generating traffic. He decided that in order to generate some likes for his new Facebook page, he would purchase a couple thousand likes for his...
Dan Solin


What Predictions by Economists Can Teach You About Investing

Dan Solin | October 1, 2014 | Business
An interesting article in Bloomberg noted that the recovery in this year's Treasury market has been stronger than the rally predicted by every economist they queried in a recent survey.
James Altucher


Step By Step Guide to Make $10 Million and Then Totally Blow It

James Altucher | September 30, 2014 | Business
I sold a business for $10 million and then two years later I was dead broke because once again I forgot all about love. I squandered the love. I forgot my small successes and made them into a big failure
Wm. Scott Page


Time to Put Your Money in Motion?

Wm. Scott Page | September 30, 2014 | Money
Many indicators suggest that our economy is nearing record levels, and now's an excellent time to assess a possible move.
Diane MacEachern


Shift Your Spending to Make a Real Difference

Diane MacEachern | September 30, 2014 | Green
As much as manufacturers oppose environmental legislation and regulation, they embrace what happens in the marketplace. They have to. Consumer dollars are their lifeblood. Corporate need for profit gives consumers power. Why don't we use it?
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