Writers Conference for Teens and Twenties? You bet!

09/27/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

If athletes are being recruited out of high school, where are the talent scouts for teen and tweeen literary stars in the making? Well, now there's finally a conference where aspiring writers can learn something and meet agents too! Yours truly will also be presenting one of the workshops.  

Teens ‘N Twenties Writers Conference (TNT) to be held Sept 19 in Indiana, reflects its dynamic abbreviation! This inaugural conference brings together authors, agents, editors and publishers from throughout the country to share their vast knowledge with the writers who will chronicle and change the world — authors between the ages of 13 and 30.

Between workshops, conversations with other authors and discussions with faculty members, writers conferences provide vital networking and social support and encouragement for the often solitary world of writing. Writers might meet a future editor, publisher or agent!

The conference will open at 9 a. m. with a motivating keynote address by Robert Yehling, author of The Write Time. Following the keynote, participants will head to one of four workshops that will take place in each of four 75-minute sessions. Over the course of this single day, participants will take in presentations that include the secrets of getting published, working with agents, freelance writing, novel building, universalizing personal experiences, songwriting, playwriting, using writing as leadership and service, socially conscious poetry, and crafting a writing career. Workshop facilitators will offer their lifetime of experience and share their love of writing, while providing invaluable tips and materials. During the day, agent Verna Dreisbach will be available for private appointments with young authors who have material ready to be considered for publication.