Kate Middleton: Natural Beauty or Natural Disaster?

04/28/2011 12:41 pm ET | Updated Jun 28, 2011

Breaking news: The future Queen of England is insisting on doing her own wedding makeup.

According to recent reports, Kate Middleton has been taking top-secret instruction from a professional makeup artist so that she can do her own wedding-day makeup. For once, I'm speechless. [For a few seconds anyway... ] Does Kate not realize that a bazillion pair of eyes will be scrutinizing her every move? Does she not know the pore-maximizing capabilities of HDTV? Or that every bride needs careful contouring, no matter how genetically blessed she may be?

Kate definitely has standout looks on her side; that flawless English skin is anchored by amazing bone structure and a truly telegenic smile. She's a natural beauty, but I'm concerned that April 29 could become a natural disaster! Yes, many brides do choose to do their own wedding makeup, and as a makeup educator, I'm all for professionally-directed DIY. However, with Kate being watched so closely by the world, I'm tempted to jet across the pond to Clarence House to ensure that she's got the basics absolutely right. If I had her soon-to-be-royal ear, I'd be wording Kate up on the Dos and Don'ts that every bride should know. Worth bookmarking for your own big day, whether you DIY or don't!

1. Make your makeup go the distance. Prepping with serum and primer is a non-negotiable. It's the best start before makeup, gets that glow going (especially if you've been super stressed) and allows your foundation to go the distance. You don't want your makeup to disappear before the bouquet toss. My Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer is all-skins appropriate and helps maintain moisture levels, keeping your foundation looking fresh and fabulous.

2. Wear just enough foundation.
Yes foundation-phobes, you can keep application light but you do need your skin to look in A1 condition. Choose a true match to your skin tone, not the color you'd like it to be, and make sure it's well blended into the neck and décolletage. (Check it in natural and artificial light and from all angles.) Add color with some blush and bronzing powder. My Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation is a bridal favorite as it boasts great staying power, yet still looks fresh and natural and you can layer it to the level you want.

3. Have a focus point. I believe your eyes should be the main focus of a bridal look; an eye statement is not as high maintenance in terms of upkeep as a strong lip can be. Some colors that work best on the eyes are soft browns, golds, peaches, pinks and greys. If you want more definition, go for a brown or black eyeliner around the lash line to really define the eyes and eye color. Pair it with a can't-go-wrong nude like my Luminous Lip Veil in In The Flesh.

4. Stay away from the hairspray. Be careful that your hairdresser doesn't get too heavy-handed with the hairspray. What many brides don't realize: Hairspray can really mess with your makeup and before you know it, you've got a full-scale meltdown on your hands. Ask your stylist to bring a face guard or improvise with a fan or even by holding a magazine over your face during the necessary spritzing.

5. Bring on the lashes. No matter how lo-fi you claim to be, every bride looks better with some extra lashes. Personally, I don't think lashes can ever be too big, but in reality, most brides look best with a small strip of lashes on their top lid or individual lashes affixed to the outer corner of the eye. It's instant beautification!