06/10/2010 08:46 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries


You know summer is upon us when cherries come into season. What says summer more than a bowl of these plump, succulent beauties? But wait, look again: something's terribly wrong here. Notice the strange growths and aberrations?

These freakish, non-organic cherries are your cells on modern living. I'm not speaking just metaphorically, either. There is little difference between the havoc that modern living wreaks on your cells and the bizarre defects of these cherries. Only the limitations of the naked eye keep us from witnessing this cellular holocaust in real time.

On our current course, we will increasingly see this mutation of cells in ourselves and in our degenerated offspring. This bowlful of cherries is a very real manifestation, on the micro- and macrocosmic levels, of our cultural choices. Shall we all hold hands and sing "Kumbaya" with our eyes closed and pretend that we're not poisoning our cells and damaging our DNA with genetically modified foods?

So many of us today are so focused on our exteriors--our clothes, our weight, our grooming--as we raise champagne flutes to our latest acquisitions and accomplishments that we often fail to see beyond the surface of our lives. We would sooner spend our money on alcohol, caffeine, saccharine, and all manner of mass-produced, chemically processed foods than rethink our consumer habits and their devastating effects on every level of our existence.

Modern living is just this bowl of cherries. This is where the marionettes of civilization and their children will wind up. This is the endgame. Are you benching it, or are you going to get in there and fight for your cells, for your future, and for the fate of humankind?

Let's hustle, team, before we're left with just the pits!