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Nathan Rabin

Nathan Rabin

Posted: October 21, 2010 07:50 AM

Flops. Failures. Disasters. Fiascos. John Travolta's filmography. No matter what you call them, box-office bombs are almost invariably the scourge of studio executives, audiences and critics alike. But what about films unfairly slandered by history? What about misunderstood masterpieces that had the misfortune of being ahead of their time?

Those strange, underappreciated little orphans, and less deserving filmic fiascoes, are the subject of my new book, "My Year of Flops: The A.V. Club Presents One Man's Journey Deep Into the Heart of Cinematic Failure." Adapted from my long-running column for The AV Club, it's a funny, empathetic and insightful exploration of the kaleidoscopic, sometimes surreal world of cinematic failures, beautiful and otherwise. With that in mind, enjoy this slideshow of fifteen notorious flops you might just want to consider adding to your Netflix queue.

The Rocketeer
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Before there was Iron Man, handsome actor Billy Campbell traversed the sky as The Rocketeer, an all-American hero in this gorgeously made homage to the gee-whiz, fresh-scrubbed world of 1930s and 40s serials. The film was supposed to spark a franchise but plans for sequels were abandoned due to anemic grosses. A pre-starvation Jennifer Connelly is the most radiant creature in the history of the world as Campbell’s love interest, an aspiring actress modeled, in the comic books that inspired it at least, on pin-up legend Betty Page.
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High-Dive Belly Flop

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