09/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Student Group In Denver Talks Cutting-Edge Global Warming Solutions

On the second floor of the Denver Pavilions, above the din and bustle of 16th Ave, a group of students from RISD is putting on a display of cutting edge energy and design solutions that are currently in operation or planning around the world. Going beyond the oft-heard mantras of "use mass transit," "shop local," and "use renewable energy sources," Partly Sunny seeks to go beyond the basics and maximize the effectiveness of those efforts through design and resourcefulness. Partly Sunny is part of Dialog:City, a non-partisan, collective art effort taking place throughout Denver this week.

RISD students Jenny Wu, Gretchen Hooker, and Kallie Weinkle introduced some of their favorite projects:

Partly Sunny is located on the second floor of the Denver Pavillions on 16th and Glenarm and is open 11am-4pm, through August 29. PDFs of all the presentation panels on display in Denver are available at

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