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March 1, 2017

Double Standard? What If Clinton Hinted Trump Should Be Shot?

2014-02-03-BothSidesNowLogoPlaincolhirescopy1.jpgIn a week of Deplorables, Pneumonia-Gate, and Lies about Birther Lies, guess which got the least coverage? Lowry & Barrett debate why the candidates are indeed graded on a curve and, short of sex change operation, what Hillary should do about it. "HERE"S what you have to lose!"

Kalief Browder's Sister Remembers Him As 'Normal Kid,' But Rikers Changed That

Zach Gross/Spike TV

Donald Trump's Assault On Clean Water Laws Has Already Begun

Carlos Barria/Reuters

Mural Shows 37 Real And Repulsive Things Politicians Have Said About Women

Photo credit: Fred Attenborough

Democrats Vow Dual Probes Of Trump's Russia Ties

The HuffingtonPost

Naked Putin Fondling Pregnant Trump Haunts New Yorkers On Valentine's


Photographers Depict The Range And Beauty Of Muslim Life In New York

Courtesy of the Museum of the City of New York and the photographer

Chuck Schumer Demands Criminal Probe Of Mike Flynn

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Trump's Supreme Court Pick Came Of Age In A Very Different Republican Party


Chuck Schumer: Judge Gorsuch Must Condemn Trump Publicly

Win McNamee via Getty Images

Trump's Court Pick 'Avoided Answers Like The Plague,' Schumer Says

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Trevor Noah Explains Why Trump Is Like The Knicks

Comedy Central

Could Rosie O'Donnell Play Donald Trump Or Steve Bannon On 'SNL?'


Schumer Trolls GOP Over Trump's Comparison Of America To Putin

Aaron P. Bernstein via Getty Images

An Adaptation Of George Orwell's '1984' Is Coming To Broadway

Robbie Jack - Corbis via Getty Images

Schumer: Trump Should Nominate Someone Else If Dems Won't Confirm Gorsuch

Bill Clark via Getty Images

Fox News: Jesus Wasn't A Refugee, His Family Just Wanted To Pay Their Taxes

Fox News

Hundreds March On Chuck Schumer’s House Demanding He Resist Trump’s Agenda

Adam Goldberg/HuffPost


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