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October 1, 2014

Is the October Surprise That Democrats Could Ace November Midterms?


R. Christie and Lamarche focus on Congress -- why it voted 3:1 for Obama's Syria-ISIS plan and who'll make the grade in the upcoming midterm exam? And they split on the greater 'existential threat' to U.S.: Ron says ISIS, Gara says climate. Three beheadings vs. "There's no Planet B"?

James Foley Photo Removed From NYC Anti-Islam Ads

James Foley

Here's A View Of New York City You Don't See Every Day

Nyc Skyline
Goodshoot via Getty Images

25 Halloween Costume Ideas That Scream 2014


Tweets Prove That Kim Kardashian Doesn't Know The Alphabet


Bah! This Man Laughs At Your Rules


The Fed Is Even Afraid To Ask Goldman Sachs The Easy Questions

Bloomberg via Getty Images

3 Men Arrested In Anti-Gay Shooting


California Quietly Adopts Landmark Condom Law To Protect Sex Workers

daniel_cozma via Getty Images

'What If Our Greatest Attempts At Creating Communities... Make Us Feel So Lonely?'

Robert Zott

The King Of Plastic Flowers: A Late Lunch With Tommy Wiseau

The Room

Parents Say New York Governor Isn't Doing Enough To Help Sick Kids Get Medical Marijuana

OLIVER BERG via Getty Images

Secret Recordings Expose The True Relationship Between Goldman And The NY Fed

Nabil Rahman for ProPublica

Shake-Up At NYPD Oversight Board Ahead Of Leadership Vote

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Seinfeld Knows An Easy Trick To Get Through Your Bucket List


Nelson Mandela's Widow Offers Simply Perfect View On Gender Rights

John Moore via Getty Images

Adorably Grotesque Cartoons Explore What Little Girls Are Made Of

After Dark: Meet Ms. Fitz, Artist And Nightlife Personality

Davon Chandler

The Only Reason Enrique Iglesias Would Duet With His Legendary Father

Jeff Daly/Invision/AP

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Charles Blow On His Lifelong Struggles With Identifying As Bisexual

David S. Holloway via Getty Images

Chris Pratt And Jimmy Fallon Totally Lose It Playing 'Word Sneak'


News Anchor Tells Parents To 'Do Their F*cking Job'


LIVESTREAM: How Can We Make Our Cities Better?

Yuji Kotani via Getty Images

3 FDNY Firefighters Die From 9/11-Related Cancers In The Same Day


J Balvín Talks Latin Grammy Nominations And His Next Big Dream

Laura Cavanaugh via Getty Images

You Can Visit The National Parks For Free This Weekend

Helen H. Richardson via Getty Images

Photos: Adopt These Adorable Pets Today!


California Quietly Adopts Landmark Condom Law To Protect Sex Workers

daniel_cozma via Getty Images