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May 4, 2015

Governor Cuomo, We've Had Enough!

I am beyond disbelief that even though there is a glaring problem with the policies of policing in New York City, coupled with an inherently flawed justice system, not one new law has been passed since a father of four was choked out on a hot, summer day last July in Staten Island.

Can New York City Actually End Veteran Homelessness This Year?

Homeless Veteran New York City
Michael Nagle via Getty Images

Schumer Warns Obama's Trade Agenda May Die Without A China Currency-Manipulation Crackdown

Andrew Burton via Getty Images

This Guy Is Not At All Fazed By The Human Slingshot Ride


You Are Guilty Of Many Of These White Lies

12 Powerful Responses To People Who Think The Baltimore Protests Are Unnecessary

Kena Betancur via Getty Images

New York Senate Leader Taken Into Custody By FBI In Corruption Case

Bruce Bennett via Getty Images

12 Things To Search For At The Brand New Whitney Museum

13 Trees That Seriously Need To Get Their Act Together


Your 'Crazy Night' Was Probably Not That Crazy


If Only We Had These Dating Translators In Real Life

Honest Monster

Chris Christie Ally Pleads Guilty In Bridgegate Case

William Thomas Cain via Getty Images

Why The Best Painting At The Guggenheim This Summer Was Made By A Third Grader

The Early Days Of Television Were Way More Avant-Garde Than You Give Them Credit For

Why One Art Gallery Is Hanging AK47s On Its Walls

Imagine If Facebook Got Rid Of Everything You Hate

College Humor

HBO Aims To Honor Bessie Smith's Legacy With Music Tour


Miss Piggy To Receive Feminist Award Because She's An All-Around Boss

Miss Piggy © 2015 The Muppets Studio, LLC.

Thousands Of New York Protesters Rally In Solidarity For Baltimore's Freddie Gray



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Maybe This Will Finally Encourage Congress To 'F**king Cooperate'

Comedy Central

Ex-Official In New Jersey Bridge Scandal To Plead Guilty

Alex Wong via Getty Images

#BlackLivesMatter Co-Founders On Baltimore: ‘We Stand In Solidarity'

Black Lives Matter

Cuban And American Musicians Team Up To Recreate Incredible Moment In Music History


Larry King: 'I Wouldn't Discount' Rumors Of Brian Williams Moving To CNN

Alberto E. Rodriguez via Getty Images

Former Top Chris Christie Ally Involved In Bridge Closing To Plead Guilty: Report

William Thomas Cain via Getty Images

Ex-Chris Christie Aide, Ally Plead Not Guilty In New Jersey 'Bridgegate' Scandal

Olivier Douliery via Getty Images

And The 2015 NYC Pride Marshals Are...


Always Turn Your Mic Off When Going To The Bathroom