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October 5, 2015

What If After 9/11 a Bush Shrugged and Said 'Stuff Happens'?

2014-02-03-BothSidesNowLogoPlaincolhirescopy1.jpgGuns kill as many Americans every five weeks as did 9/11 -- yet Jeb Bush concludes after the Oregon massacre that nothing can or should be done. Lowry agrees while Reagan doesn't, citing his father. Then they debate Boehner, McCarthy, Planned Parenthood, Syria and Trump.

Can New York City Actually End Veteran Homelessness This Year?

Homeless Veteran New York City
Michael Nagle via Getty Images

Instagram Account Documents The Varied And Vibrant Dancers Of NYC


9/11 Health Program Now Officially On Borrowed Time

Tom Williams via Getty Images

LL Cool J's Son Arrested After Restaurant Fight

Johnny Nunez via Getty Images

These Creepy-Cool Robot Sculptures Will Take You To Church

© Chico MacMurtrie/ARW. Photo: Mathew Galindo

New York Law Blocks Judges From Practicing Medicine From The Bench

Scott Olson via Getty Images

This Guy Will Convince You That Beards Are Freaking Great

Alexander Engel

New York's Next Move Could Shake Up The Climate Change Fight

Pacific Press via Getty Images

Woman Badly Burned As Baby Reunited With Nurse Who Cared For Her

Associated Press

Here's Who Won A MacArthur 'Genius Grant' While You Were Sleeping

MacArthur Foundation

One Of The Youngest Detainees In Guantánamo History Is Sharing His Story

Courtesy Laurie Anderson

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Calls For National Gun Control In Eulogy For Aide Killed By Stray Bullet

Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Surfers With Physical Disabilities Hang Ten At Championship Event

Credit: Instagram/isasurfing

Cop Threatens To Send Latino Family 'Back To The F**king Border'

NBC New York

Pastor Has Epic Freakout When He's Protested For His Hate


9 New York Tattoo Artists Work Their Magic On Some Rather Unusual Canvases

Peter Garritano

Free Tampon Dispenser In School Helps Low-Income Girls

Michele Constantini via Getty Images

9 Avante-Garde Musicians You Should Add To Your Playlist Right Now

The Hammer


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'Stonewall' Director Addresses Accusations Of Whitewashing History

Roadside Attractions

New York Pizza Rat Is The Perfect Metaphor For Something, Surely


Larry Kudlow 'Leaning' Toward Senate Run In Connecticut

SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

This Seasonal Queer Coming-Of-Consciousness Party Is Returning To Close Out The Summer

Tinker Coalescing

Hip-Hop Gets Another Shot At Broadway Fame In 'Hamilton'

Walter McBride via Getty Images

Illustrator Richard Haines Wants To Draw All The Beautiful Men Of New York

Daniel Cooney

A Legendary Fire Island Figure Opens Up About The Queer Sanctuary


Jon Stewart: Congress Is Treating Health Program For 9/11 Responders Like 'Just Another' Bill

Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

The Humble Victor Diner Mug, An Icon Of Americana

Courtesy of Elton Gish