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April 19, 2014

Writer/director, 'The Ledge'; Author, Trials of the Monkey'; President,

'Talking Trash' Report Slams NYC's Expensive and Environmentally Outdated Garbage Plan

For the first time in a decade-long fight against a garbage site slated to be built in surreal proximity to public housing, a report has been published that exposes not just the absurdity of this one site, but the absurdities and weaknesses of the entire plan it is a part of.

These States Are Most Likely To Legalize Weed Next. Will You Have A Happier 4/20 In 2015?

Jon Stewart Made Elizabeth Warren Puke

The 26 Best Cities In The World To See Street Art

Some Countries Realize You Have A Life Outside Work. The U.S. Isn't One Of Them.

Look Who's Getting Out Of Prison...

Chelsea Clinton Is Pregnant

50 Successful Marijuana Users Who Prove The Person Matters More Than The Plant

This Map Shows Just How Quickly America Has Embraced Marijuana

Here's Why Every Pot Smoker Should Move To Massachusetts Right Now

We've All Seen These Iconic Photos. Here's The Remarkable Footage That Brings Them To Life.

A Tale Of One Pit Bull And His Bond With Shelter Volunteers

Soap As You Know It Might Be In For A Big Change

Elizabeth Warren Book Rips Tea Party 'Magical Thinking'

New Bloomberg-Backed Gun Safety Group Releases Chilling PSA Aimed At Parents

These 13 People Were Killed By The War On Drugs. Their Lives Were The Cost Of Prohibition.

These 360-Degree Panoramas Of Tiny 'Worlds' Are The Coolest Thing On Instagram

Suspected Shooter Of 13-Year-Old Choirboy In Custody

The 20 Best Cities For Solar Power

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