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How To Find Your Calling (From 5 People Who Found Theirs)

Brittany Nims | Posted 08.18.2016 | Healthy Living

Why does our culture perpetuate the belief that “finding oneself” is an age-specific phase, reserved only for angst-ridden teenagers and wanderlus...

The Next Generation Is Ready To Lead. Here's How To Empower Them

Tom Wilson | Posted 08.18.2016 | Impact
Tom Wilson

I hear people say this all the time: Today’s youth are lazy, entitled and self-absorbed. My response — my emphatic response — is they’re wrong...

How Banning Screen Time Changed My Parenting Style

Lauren Cormier | Posted 09.28.2016 | Parents
Lauren Cormier

I sit in my bedroom, thumb in constant motion as I scroll through an endless stream of parenting memes, political rants and friends’ status updates....

Meet The Small-Business Owners Growing Employment In America

HuffPost Partner Studio | Posted 08.16.2016 | Business

As a child growing up in the Bahamas, Rhys Powell would climb trees in his neighborhood with his cousins and eat the fruit plucked from the leafy bran...

I'm An Olympic Paratriathlete, And Sleep Training Is My Winning Secret

Melissa Stockwell | Posted 04.26.2017 | Healthy Living
Melissa Stockwell

Being a new mom, I knew that exhaustion was part of the parenting package. But when I was often too exhausted to keep up with second workouts that once came so naturally, I knew I needed a change. Cue training for sleep!

How An 11-Year-Old CEO Is Using Tech To Help Save Honeybees

Mary Snapp | Posted 08.29.2016 | Impact
Mary Snapp

Tabitha Babbitt. Ada Lovelace. Yvonne Brill. Mary Anderson. Bertha Benz. Do you know what these women have in common? Would you be surprised to l...

Here's How To Hack Your Way To A Home Garden In No Time

Alexa Sachs | Posted 08.10.2016 | HuffPost Home

With summer’s soaring temperatures and school vacation in full swing, it’s tempting to spend every available moment soaking up the rays in your ve...

The Future of Cause Marketing: How a bracelet connects shoppers to a cause

Linn Jordan | Posted 08.09.2016 | Impact
Linn Jordan

I’m sitting under an acacia tree in Kenya, looking out over the Maasai Mara’s sprawling grasslands. I’m trying to craft a beaded bracelet ca...

Unlocking Extraordinary Purpose In Everyday Items

Kathleen Dunlop | Posted 08.09.2016 | Impact
Kathleen Dunlop

Last year, I traveled to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, a temporary home for 80,000 Syrian refugees who fled their country's civil war. My trip w...

This Is Exactly How You Should Adjust Your Sleep Schedule If You Know It Will Be Changing

Brittany Nims | Posted 04.26.2017 | Healthy Living

Eager school-bound children aren’t the only ones who may need to reset their sleep schedules throughout the year. Many of us take advantage of summe...

How I Empowered Myself To Kick My Own Butt Into Shape

Jera Foster-Fell | Posted 08.09.2016 | Healthy Living
Jera Foster-Fell

So let's back up for a second and talk about what the heck happened in the span of a year that took me from miserable to pretty darn happy, and how anyone can have the same breakthrough.

This Core-Strengthening Workout Will Help You Find Fitness Nirvana

HuffPost Partner Studio | Posted 08.10.2016 | Healthy Living

Workouts often target physical fitness while neglecting mental acuity and well-being. But it is the truly holistic workout that strengthens not only o...

Why B-Corps Hold the Future Promise of Business

Shannon Schuyler | Posted 08.11.2016 | Business
Shannon Schuyler

Five years ago, I ran into a colleague I greatly admired at a conference. She shared some surprising news: she told me she was leaving her corporate j...

Check Out The Awesome Aerial Workout That's Revolutionizing Mat-Based Yoga

HuffPost Partner Studio | Posted 08.09.2016 | Healthy Living

We expect our workouts to produce results. But it’s the rare, truly revolutionary routine that leaves us feeling not just in shape, but serene and c...

10 Hot Summer Food Trends To Try Now

Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD | Posted 08.02.2016 | Parents
Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD

Sometimes it's wise to follow fads, especially when those trends showcase ultra-nutritious seasonal produce. As a nutritionist and recipe developer, I...

Use This Foolproof Flowchart To Decide If You Should Take Your Preschooler On A Vacation

The Huffington Post | Posted 03.07.2017 | Parents

To vacation or not to vacation -- that is the question. At least, that’s the question this highly scientific flowchart can answer for parents of a p...

3 Ways We Can Increase Diversity In Corporate America

Miriam Rivera | Posted 07.28.2016 | Latino Voices
Miriam Rivera

Diversity in corporate leadership, especially among fast-growth companies, is no longer a nice-to-have, a buzz-word, or a marketing ploy. It’s an ec...

These 6 ‘Moving’ Images Remind Us Of What We Miss Out On When We’re On Our Phones

Brittany Nims | Posted 08.08.2016 | Healthy Living

We all have a screen addict in our lives. He’s that friend who keeps his mobile phone at pinky’s reach while you’re catching up over coffee; she...

9 Upgrades That Will Make Your Kitchen Infinitely More Awesome

Alexa Sachs | Posted 08.08.2016 | HuffPost Home

If we were going to give an MVP award to just one room in the house, it would have to be the kitchen. Not only is it the place where we cook and eat (...

This Insanely Fun Trampoline Workout Will End Your Boot Camp Boredom

Maya Kashyap | Posted 08.09.2016 | Healthy Living

We expect our workouts to produce results. But it’s the rare, truly revolutionary routine that leaves us feeling not just in shape, but closer to ou...

Philadelphia's Winning Formula for Small-Business Growth

Jim Kenney | Posted 07.26.2016 | Business
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Jim Kenney

As Mayor, I will work tirelessly to ensure that more businesses start and grow throughout the city. At the end of the day, stronger businesses means more jobs and better neighborhoods for all of Philadelphia.

How To Beat Summertime’s 6 Most Common Sleep Problems, Tonight

Brittany Nims | Posted 04.26.2017 | Healthy Living

Sun-filled vacations, backyard barbecues and long days at the beach: summer is jam-packed with calendar-consuming social events, easily making it the ...

Get Your Family Off The Couch This Summer With These 5 Simple Tips

Becky L. Johnson | Posted 08.09.2016 | Healthy Living
Becky L. Johnson

Summer is the perfect time for the entire family to refresh their focus on healthy habits. The kids are out of school, camps are back in session, and ...

How To Turn Your Lunch Hour Into A Mini-Vacation

Kate McCulley | Posted 08.08.2016 | Healthy Living
Kate McCulley

With just an hour a day -- your work lunch hour, specifically -- you can explore new places, try new things and have a variety of adventures.

Ace Tomorrow By Trying These 5 Yoga Poses Tonight

HuffPost Partner Studio | Posted 04.26.2017 | Healthy Living

After a busy and stressful day, what should be one of life’s simplest actions can often feel like the most difficult: falling asleep. If your though...