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Getting Closer to Christmas

Getting Closer to Christmas

William B. Bradshaw  12.15.2013
In order to understand fully the meaning Christmas, one must be acquainted with what happened several months earlier.

Finding Joy: The Countercultural Practice of Advent Continues

H. Adam Ackley, Ph.D.  12.13.2013
For me, celebrating Advent for the four weeks or more leading into Christmas Eve has been healing as an relationship-oriented alternative...

God's Disguises

Rev. Vicki Flippin  12.12.2013
God loves disguises. So look around you today. And be a bit more curious about the characters that inhabit your life.
LOOK: Christmas Photos And Facts

LOOK: Christmas Photos And Facts

Christmas is the holiday celebrated by millions around the globe that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Dates To Know In many Western...

The Two-Sphere Problem for (Some) Christian Republicans (and Some Democrats, Too)

Mark Osler  12.10.2013
As Congress mulls further steps to cut food stamps, it is odd that Christian conservatives seem to be at the front of the charge.

Mandela: A Christmas Story

Ron Nikkel  12. 9.2013
It is unusual, if not miraculous, within such degrading and abusive conditions as well as the isolation and long years of forced labor,...

Advent -- Preparing for Christmas

William B. Bradshaw  12. 8.2013
The word "Advent" has its origin in the Medieval Latin word adventus, meaning "arrival." The season offers the opportunity for Christians...

The Real Miracle of Nelson Mandela Isn't What We Think

Rev. J.C. Austin  12. 6.2013
The true greatness of Mandela, the most profound miracle he performed, was that he made his supporters, his enemies, and his admirers around...

Advent as Grateful Waiting for God's Gift of Spiritual Companionship

H. Adam Ackley, Ph.D.  12. 5.2013
Waiting has been a powerful spiritual theme in my life, especially with regard to decades of delay in being able to live as a fully adult...
Testing for HIV/AIDS During Advent

Testing for HIV/AIDS During Advent

Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson  12. 4.2013
World AIDS Day, at the beginning of every December, is a reminder for Christians across the world who mark this same time as Advent --...
The Shadows of Advent

The Shadows of Advent

Tara Woodard-Lehman  12. 3.2013
For most of my life I paid little attention to Advent. I had vague childhood memories of singing melancholy hymns with minor chords. I...

Born Again Jesus

Ron Nikkel  12. 2.2013
Gonna lay down my burden Down by the riverside Down by the riverside... Ain't gonna study war no more... Gonna lay down my sword and shield Down...