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Advisory Board

Rubio And Cruz Have 'Anti-LGBT' Advisory Boards. Where's Trump's?

The Huffington Post | Dana Liebelson | Posted 03.09.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Republican presidential contenders Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz recently created faith advisory boards packed with people who oppose LGBT ri...

3 Essential Habits for Advising Entrepreneurs

Alex Budak | Posted 05.11.2016 | Business
Alex Budak

Why are some people truly amazing mentors while others -- even with years of experience -- fail to contribute? I believe that anyone can be a great mentor, so read on for three ways you can become the mentor that entrepreneurs dream of.

Are You an Entrepreneur or Employee?

Alex Pirouz | Posted 01.14.2015 | Business
Alex Pirouz

Just because you are self-employed and own a business, doesn't make you an entrepreneur. The difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner is the mindset of how you go about building your business.

The Catalyst, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Change

Spiros Margaris | Posted 10.12.2014 | Business
Spiros Margaris

Every company should involve an Innovation Catalyst, who in his role assists the board of directors and the executive board; asks them tough, critical questions; and identifies possible solutions.

4 Key Tips for Creating a Stellar Advisory Board

Andreas Bernström | Posted 07.09.2012 | Small Business
Andreas Bernström

By clearly defining what obstacles, challenges or opportunities lay in front of you, you will have an advantage over competitors in being able to implement and create a strategy for long-term success and sustainability.

Forming A Board Of Directors: 5 Things You Need To Know

The Huffington Post/AOL Small Business | Charlotte Jensen | Posted 08.09.2011 | Home

Thinking about forming a board of directors for your business? First, you should probably figure out if you really need one. While a formal board of d...

Q&A With Hot Potato Co-Founder: "Don't Take Money Just For The Sake Of Money"

Erdin Beshimov | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Erdin Beshimov

Raising money never happens as fast as you'd like. The process of raising money is an awful, awful process. It's such a time-sink and distraction from working on your product. But it's helpful.

How To Deal With A Bad Board Member

Steve Blank | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Steve Blank

Tied at the hip, VC's and entrepreneurs take large risks together. VC's invest in startups with minimal tangible assets and no certainty about the product's viability, market size or customer adoption. Entrepreneurs face all that, and add one more risk to their list: the bad board member.

Four Steps to Getting Your Product Out the Door -- Everybody Needs a Steve Bennett

Michele Colucci | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Michele Colucci

It's hard to see who I am when there's so much I can become! Reality bites. The key here is that the capacity of the business has to match the reality of resources, development and bodies.

Presidential Advisory Board

C. William Guy | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
C. William Guy

Most CEO's have relatively large egos, and Presidents of the United States are certainly no exception.