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Students Devise Way To Feed Homeless Meals, Cut Food Waste All At Once

Powerful Sports Scoreboards Tally War 'Death Count' To Reduce Violence In India, Pakistan

Cutting Food Waste Could Save $300 Billion And Feed Hungry: Report

How Giving Apartments To Homeless Actually Saves Money In The End

How Libraries Are Adapting To Help Homeless Find Jobs, Health Services

Disney Princesses Depicted As Acid Attack Survivors Reflect Global Fight Against Atrocity

Documentary Tells Story Of Trafficking Victims Forced To Bring Home "$40, No Less" And Who's Helping Them

Men Break Down Watching Footage Of Female Genital Mutilation, Vow To Speak Out Against Practice

Norway Drops Plan To Jail People For Helping Homeless

Not Into 'Fifty Shades'? Grassroots Campaign Says Donate $50 To Women's Shelter Instead

Obama Just Quietly Sent His Chief Of Staff To Count Homeless People In San Francisco

5 Super Bowl Commercials About Something Greater Than Selling A Product

Volunteers Ink Over Women's Prison Tattoos To Help Give Them Fresh Start

Amid Super Bowl Human Trafficking Hype, A Reminder That 70% Of Victims Are Sold Online Year-Round

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