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Scheer Intelligence: Tom Dine on Israel and Peace in the Middle East

Robert Scheer | Posted 01.08.2016 | Politics
Robert Scheer

This week, Robert Scheer sits down with Tom Dine, currently the senior policy advisor at Israel Policy Forum, but best known as the head of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), a powerful pro-Israel lobbying organization from 1980-1993.

Carson's Holocaust Statement Shows the True Republican Face

Uri Keidar | Posted 10.10.2015 | Politics
Uri Keidar

Ben Carson argues that without Nazi gun control, there would have been a chance that the Holocaust could have been prevented. I believe that the millions of dead American and Soviet soldiers who fought bravely against the Nazi war machine would see the absurdity of this discussion.

A Heart of Many Rooms: Can Jews Stay Together After the Iran Vote?

Rabbi Evan Moffic | Posted 09.23.2015 | Religion
Rabbi Evan Moffic

This is not to say we should not have strong convictions. We are a people who argue. We are a people who disagree. But the challenge now is not to let these disagreements tear us apart. They have done too many times in history. Indeed, some of our worst wounds have been self-inflicted.

AIPAC Throws In The Towel On The Iran Fight

The Huffington Post | Jessica Schulberg | Posted 09.11.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the pro-Israel lobbying group that led the fight to kill the Iran nuclear deal, admitted ...

Why It Matters That Colin Powell and Debbie Wasserman Schultz Support the Iran Agreement.

Joe Cirincione | Posted 09.08.2015 | Politics
Joe Cirincione

A Republican former secretary of state and a Democratic "Jewish mother" may have just given us the strongest case yet for the nuclear agreement with Iran. The first is a pillar of the "realist" camp in the American national security establishment. The second is a rising star in the Democratic Party from a heavily Jewish district in South Florida. Together, they represent key constituencies whose support for the historic accord is critical to isolating right-wing opponents and preventing last-minute sabotage attempts. Together, they also lay out a compelling narrative of why the agreement is so important to American national security.

Obama Won, So Did Netanyahu

James Zogby | Posted 09.05.2015 | Politics
James Zogby

One could hardly blame liberal Jews for wanting to celebrate AIPAC's defeat or for some Israeli's to lament what they called "Netanyahu's strategic blunder". Both views, however, are naïve and shortsighted. On several levels, Netanyahu won.

Obama's Congress Victory and Israel

Dr. Josef Olmert | Posted 09.03.2015 | World
Dr. Josef Olmert

The big fight is over, and President Obama is the clear winner. Where there is a winner, there are also losers, and in the case of the Iran nuclear deal, the losers are the pro-Israel lobby group Aipac, but also the cause of stability in the Middle East.

Move On Delivers Iran Deal Petitions to "Undecided" Congressman Lieu

Marcy Winograd | Posted 09.01.2015 | Los Angeles
Marcy Winograd

Participating in a Move On National Day of Action, constituents of Congressman Ted Lieu, D-Los Angeles, recently delivered to Lieu's office over 2,500 petition signatures in support of the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

Do You Support the Iran Deal? A Flowchart

Nathan Gonzalez | Posted 08.30.2015 | Politics
Nathan Gonzalez

If you are not sure where you stand on the Iran deal, I made a handy flowchart to help you figure it out.

Whose Opinion on Iran?

Tom Engelhardt | Posted 08.24.2015 | Politics
Tom Engelhardt

tTe well-financed fast and furious campaign here against the nuclear deal and the near hysteria churned up on the subject has created a reality that bears remarkably little relationship to actual reality.

10 Reasons Why Opposing Iran Nuclear Deal Is Bad Politics for Dems, Bad Policy for America

Robert Creamer | Posted 08.20.2015 | Politics
Robert Creamer

Many of the same people who rushed America to war with Iraq are now engaged in a no-holds-barred campaign to convince a small group of House and Senate Democrats that they should vote to kill President Obama's Iran nuclear agreement when Congress returns in September.

AIPAC Chose A Peculiar Admiral For Its Memo Against The Iran Deal

The Huffington Post | Sam Stein | Posted 08.18.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Last week, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the largest pro-Israel advocacy group in the United States, released a memo&nbs...

How the Iran Deal May Impact Israel's Influence

Daniel Wagner | Posted 08.18.2015 | World
Daniel Wagner

Whether the deal is rejected or not by the U.S. Congress, in the process, conservatives in Israel and in the U.S. will have enhanced their ability to flex their lobbying muscles going forward, and Israel will be well positioned to receive enhanced defense assistance from the U.S.

Should Rabbis Speak About Iran During the Jewish Holidays?

Rabbi Evan Moffic | Posted 08.17.2015 | Religion
Rabbi Evan Moffic

To avoid the issue during the holidays would be a tremendous mistake. While rabbis need not take a for-or-against position on the Iran deal, to not address it would be to forfeit our role as Jewish leaders. Here's why.

Another Rabbi for the Iran Deal

Rachel S. Mikva | Posted 08.17.2015 | Religion
Rachel S. Mikva

Fear-mongering and deliberate distortions will not make us safer. Outspending those of us who endorse the deal will not silence us. For the sake of Heaven, I urge you to support this historic accord.

Junketeers, Two-Timers, Clients or Naifs?

Paula Gordon | Posted 08.17.2015 | Politics
Paula Gordon

22 Democratic and 36 Republican members of Congress spent a full week of the August recess in Israel rather than among the constituents they were elected to serve.

Cheap Claims of Anti-Semitism Can't Change Reality of Iran Deal Lobbying

Lara Friedman | Posted 08.14.2015 | Politics
Lara Friedman

It is the prerogative of President Obama or anyone else defending the Iran deal to call out Netanyahu and his amen choir of U.S. supporters for their extraordinary anti-deal activism.

Rumblings for Durbin, Not Schumer for Senate Majority Leader

Marcy Winograd | Posted 08.11.2015 | Politics
Marcy Winograd

Former DC roommates, Durbin and Schumer have taken divergent stands on war and peace, with Schumer, former head of the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, voting for the Iraq War Resolution in 2002 and opposing the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Schumer's Dear John to Obama on Iran Deal; Confessions of a Conflicted Lover

Marcy Winograd | Posted 08.11.2015 | Politics
Marcy Winograd

Yes, breaking up is hard to do, especially when your other lover is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. New York Senator Chuck Schumer's statement opposing the Iran deal reads like a wishy-washy-wish-I-didn't-have-to-write-this Dear John letter to President Obama.

Chuck Schumer's Position on Iran Is Reckless

Nathan Gonzalez | Posted 08.11.2015 | World
Nathan Gonzalez

Opponents of the Iran deal have been unable to produce a viable alternative. That is because there really are no alternatives left. Should the Iran deal collapse under the weight of spoilers like Schumer, Iran will get a nuclear weapon. And once Iran achieves and announces that capability to the world, no expert will be able to foresee the consequences.

Netanyahu and the Israel Lobby's War on Obama Are Undermining American Jews

MJ Rosenberg | Posted 08.06.2015 | Politics
MJ Rosenberg

President Obama's speech yesterday, defending the Iran agreement against charges made by the Israeli government and its lobby in the United States was, for me, the worst moment yet in my long history with the lobby in general and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in particular.

GOP Congressman Claims House Has Enough Votes To Reject Iran Deal

The Huffington Post | Jessica Schulberg | Posted 08.03.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) announced on Monday that a majority of House members have pledged to support a resolution of disapproval...

Is Scott Walker Less of an Extremist Than Donald Trump?

Robert Naiman | Posted 07.28.2015 | Entertainment
Robert Naiman

Scott Walker is turning his union-busting theory of labor relations into a warmongering theory of U.S. foreign policy.

Jessica Schulberg

AIPAC Drops Pretense Of Supporting Iran Deal, Urges Congress To Vote It Down | Jessica Schulberg | Posted 07.15.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Wednesday issued its first public direction to Congress to reject the nuclear agreement ...

Media Refs Should Call Foul on Bogus Arguments Against Iran Deal

Robert Naiman | Posted 07.14.2015 | Politics
Robert Naiman

This multilateral negotiation, which was started by the George W. Bush administration, has always been about Iran's nuclear program and nothing else. It's not about Syria. It's not about Yemen. The Iran deal will not make you look five pounds thinner, as Gil Scott-Heron might have said.