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Gaza and Obama's Castigation of Israel: A Sign of the Growing Insignificance of the 'Jewish Vote' in American Politics

Steven Kurlander | Posted 10.20.2014 | Politics
Steven Kurlander

Despite the fact that 98 percent of Jewish voters go to the polls, Israel is not a primary concern to American Jews -- and the White House and powerful liberal lobbies know it.

Idealism + Self-Interest = US Support for Israel

Gil Troy | Posted 10.12.2014 | Politics
Gil Troy

In fact, Americans' ability to tell right from wrong and democrat from dictator best explains America's pro-Israel policy, which advances America's interests while expressing liberal values.

Palestinians, Blacks, and Jews Living in a World of Trauma

David A. Love | Posted 10.08.2014 | Black Voices
David A. Love

All three groups have been dehumanized as the "other," the bogeymen that will destroy if they are not destroyed. And all of us know what it is like to be trapped in the ghetto and have the walls close in on them, and all know how it feels when the lynch mob comes.

Actions and Intentions in Gaza

David Bromwich | Posted 10.02.2014 | World
David Bromwich

With the exception of a few courageous journalists, the American view of Gaza -- the posture of looking away with pity and calling it "heartbreaking" as if the wild disparity of deaths did not exist -- has been an abortion of moral responsibility. It testifies to a poverty of leadership almost as desperate as that of the Israelis and the Palestinians half a world away.

What Anne Frank Taught Me About Israel's War With Gaza

Elad Nehorai | Posted 09.28.2014 | Religion
Elad Nehorai

Why has Israel built an unparalleled army? Because without such an army, it would have been wiped out. Why do AIPAC and such organizations have such influence? Because there is a much bigger lobby, the lobby of historic antisemitism, that has existed for ages.

The Unheard Voices Against the Occupation

David A. Love | Posted 09.23.2014 | World
David A. Love

Among Jewish Americans and Israelis themselves, there is a diversity of opinion on the Israeli invasion of Gaza and on the Occupation of the Palestinian people.

AIPAC Is the Only Explanation for America's Morally Bankrupt Israel Policy

Stephen M. Walt | Posted 09.21.2014 | World
Stephen M. Walt

A Greater Israel cannot be anything but an apartheid state, and exclusionary ethnic nationalism of this sort is not sustainable in the 21st century. Israel's Arab subjects will eventually demand equal rights, and as former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned back in 2007, once that happens, "the state of Israel is finished."

It is Hard to Pray for Peace

Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin | Posted 09.19.2014 | World
Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin

There are so many rational reasons why I know peace is not something we can grasp, yet I still pray for peace.

Gaza and Lobby Politics

MJ Rosenberg | Posted 09.15.2014 | Politics
MJ Rosenberg

It occurs to me that the continuing Gaza war can be viewed (in addition to viewing it as part of Israel's continuing battle to maintain the occupation) as a testament to the failure of American democracy. Hear me out.

Israel and the Blessed Unrest

Christina M. Martínez | Posted 08.04.2014 | World
Christina M. Martínez

Fifteen seconds will never mean the same to me again.

Is Anyone in Washington Willing to Defend John Kerry?

Daniel R. DePetris | Posted 06.30.2014 | Politics
Daniel R. DePetris

The words that Kerry used are, in a way, an unhelpful distraction from the point he was trying to make: the establishment of an independent and contiguous Palestinian state is the only way that the state of Israel can be both democratic and Jewish.

The Usual Suspects Aim To Spoil Iran Nuclear Deal

John Tirman | Posted 06.24.2014 | Politics
John Tirman

The longtime pattern of the U.S.-Iran relationship: spoilers never go away, they just regroup and try to despoil again and again.

Explaining the Jewish Hold Over Palestine, in America

Marwan Bishara | Posted 06.23.2014 | Politics
Marwan Bishara

Confining the American debate on Palestine and the Arab world to a mere intra-Zionist debate is counterproductive. It renders the Palestinians relevant only by what they mean to Israel, not for who they are or how they are related to the broader Arab or Muslim worlds.

The Obama Drama

Pierre Guerlain | Posted 06.18.2014 | Politics
Pierre Guerlain

Everyone remembers the 2008 campaign when, in the exhilaration of Obamania, the advertising slogan "no-drama Obama" had a fair amount of success. This reflected a common misunderstanding of politics, for personalities matter much less than the force field of conflicts between the various powerful sectors in oligarchic democracies.

BDS: Non-Violent Resistance to Israeli Occupation

Marjorie Cohn | Posted 05.24.2014 | Politics
Marjorie Cohn

Unless and until Israel ends its brutal occupation of Palestinian lands, grants full equality to all its people -- including Palestinians -- and recognizes the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their land, the non-violent BDS movement will continue to grow and cripple the Israeli economy.

To Make Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians, Stop the Finger Pointing

Adam Cohen | Posted 05.13.2014 | Politics
Adam Cohen

Both the Israelis and the Palestinians are content proclaiming that they are willing to compromise but lack a true partner in negotiations. In order for the peace talks to truly progress, they must recognize that each has a true partner in the other.

New Poll: AIPAC Influence Waning

MJ Rosenberg | Posted 05.10.2014 | Politics
MJ Rosenberg

AIPAC is now perceived by Washington insiders as a pressure group (like the NRA), primarily allied with the Republicans, which uses its influence to get members of Congress to take positions not in the public interest.

AIPAC and CPAC Come to Town

James Zogby | Posted 05.08.2014 | Politics
James Zogby

When listening to the fiery rhetoric and watching the enthusiasm at both AIPAC and CPAC, it becomes apparent that both groups retain the capacity to create problems for opponents. They may be down, but they are not out.

American Israel Public Affairs Committee and My Favorite Israeli Grandmothers

Philip Farah | Posted 05.05.2014 | Politics
Philip Farah

In the 1970s, Israeli TV had a great program, Nikui Rosh, that was something like the country's version of Saturday Night Live. Its most famous skit w...

It's Just Not Good Enough to Be Prime Minister of AIPAC

Amb. Marc Ginsberg | Posted 05.05.2014 | World
Amb. Marc Ginsberg

At what point in time is Mr. Netanyahu going to end his rhetorical ropa dopa -- on the one hand claiming to want a diplomatic solution, yet kowtowing to the equivalent his own tea party equivalent?

Michele Bachmann Says American Jews 'Sold Out' Israel By Supporting Obama

The Huffington Post | Samantha Lachman | Posted 03.05.2014 | Politics

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has very strong feelings about Israel, and she's disappointed that American Jews don't have the same feelings she...

At AIPAC, Netanyahu Warns On Iran, Urges Palestinians To Recognize Israel As Jewish State

Reuters | Posted 05.04.2014 | World

(Adds Netanyahu comments, U.S. official's remarks, context in paragraphs 3, 12-13 and 16-18) By Jeffrey Heller and Matt Spetalnick ...

Behind AIPAC's Successes and Failures

Marwan Bishara | Posted 05.03.2014 | World
Marwan Bishara

If all politics is more or less local, the upcoming midterm Congressional elections should provide AIPAC with a huge "carrot or stick" leverage over the makeup of Congress, especially the Senate, and the legislative agenda in Washington for the next two years.

Israel Lobby AIPAC Down, But Not Out -- Yet

Medea Benjamin | Posted 05.03.2014 | Politics
Medea Benjamin

The bottom line is that AIPAC, which is a de facto agent for a foreign government, has influence on U.S. policy out of all proportion to the number of Americans who support its policies.

Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu To Discuss Mideast Peace Agreement, Iranian Nuclear Deal

AP | JULIE PACE | Posted 03.03.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON (AP) — Seeking to keep a pair of delicate diplomatic efforts afloat, President Barack Obama will personally appeal for Israeli Prime Mini...