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Airport Security The Huffington Post

Airplane Door Opener Released From Custody After Authorities Determine Case Not To Be Terrorist Matter

Bin Laden Claims Responsibility For Flight 253 Christmas Day Bombing Attempt

TSA Prank: Student pranked by Philadelphia airport TSA worker

Jules Paul Bouloute Used 'Wrong Door' At JFK: Attorney

JFK Evacuated After Security Breach

Man On Flight From Chicago Arrested In Michigan After Bomb Threat

Muhammed Abu Tahir Caused Emergency Plane Landing By Shaving With Shirt Off Drunk In Bathroom

Heathrow Airport Arrests: 3 In Custody After Bomb Threat In London

Underwear Bomber Got Through Because Of Software Flaws: Obama

The Butt Bomb: New Security May Force Al Qaeda To Extreme Lengths

Slovak Miscue Lands Stefan Gonda In Irish Jail As Terrorist

Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Demoted! 3 Security Dogs at Philly airport decertified

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab Indicted: Nigerian man indicted in plot to blow up plane

Who's Getting Rich From The Airport Naked-Scanner Boom?