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Giving Syrians in Aleppo Their Daily Bread

Lutheran World Relief | Posted 02.23.2017 | World
Lutheran World Relief

“Give us this day our daily bread.” Matthew 6:11Years of fighting have laid waste to Aleppo, the largest pre-war metropolitan area in Syria and on...

Report: Syrian Military Pounded Rebel-Held Aleppo With Chemical Weapons

The Huffington Post | Eline Gordts | Posted 02.13.2017 | World

The Syrian military pounded parts of eastern Aleppo with chemical weapons during its offensive to retake the city at the end of last year, according t...

Signs Of Hope Return To Aleppo Even Though Almost 2 Million Don't Have Access To Water

The Huffington Post | Willa Frej | Posted 02.07.2017 | World

Signs of regular life are slowly returning to Aleppo, the Syrian city that government and pro-regime forces retook from rebel groups late last year, d...

When Water Becomes A Weapon Of War

Sanjay Wijesekera | Posted 01.30.2017 | World
Sanjay Wijesekera

For children living in warzones, a 'normal childhood' does not exist. Journeys to school, the safety of home, and even friends and family, slowly disa...

Photos Reveal The Brutal Reality Ignored By Trump's Refugee Ban

The Huffington Post | Jesselyn Cook | Posted 01.28.2017 | World

U.S. President Donald Trump cut off immigration from several Muslim-majority countries on Friday, freezing thousands of struggling Syrians’ hopes of...

An Aleppoite’s Take on the Aleppo Tragedy

George Peknik | Posted 01.17.2017 | World
Read More: Aleppo, World News
George Peknik

Most of us Americans can’t seem to figure out the complexities of ― let alone the solutions to ― one of the most devastating humanitarian traged...

Retribution Breeds Retribution. Putin's Syria Policy And The Killing Of The Russian Ambassador To Turkey.

Brian Glyn Williams | Posted 01.13.2017 | World
Brian Glyn Williams

Russian President Vladimir Putin intervened militarily in Syria in September 2015 by launching what the Russian media dubbed Operation Vozmezdie (Retr...

Obama's Peace Prize, His Legacy And Russian Crimes/Misdemeanors

Ted Cadsby | Posted 01.12.2017 | Politics
Ted Cadsby

As Obama frets about Russian cyberattacks, one can't help wonder if he is focusing on Russian misdemeanors in order to distract attention from his failure to address the massive warm crimes that Russia has been an accomplice to in Syria.

Activists Urge U.N. To Probe Russia, Iran War Crimes In Syria

Reuters | Willa Frej | Posted 01.12.2017 | World

Syrian activists say they have given U.N. investigators evidence of alleged war crimes committed by Russia and Iranian-backed militia in the battle fo...

5 Major Myths About Syria Debunked

The Huffington Post | Nick Robins-Early | Posted 01.11.2017 | World

Syria’s civil war is a conflict rife with misinformation and reports that are difficult to prove. Much of the country is inaccessible to journalists...

The Obama Final Report Card

Tom Allon | Posted 01.04.2017 | Politics
Tom Allon

Nonetheless, herewith is the final report card of POTUS Barack Obama, a good man who indisputably restored intelligence and integrity to the White House.

U.S.-Russia Relations Are Increasingly Unpredictable -- And Syria Is On The Line

Anastasya Manuilova | Posted 12.31.2016 | World
Anastasya Manuilova

MOSCOW – After months of speculation around Russian intervention in the U.S. presidential election, we seem to be hitting a tipping point. In a stro...

Year-End Roundup: In 2016, The World Passed The Tipping Point Into A Perilous New Era

Nathan Gardels | Posted 12.30.2016 | World
Nathan Gardels

In the 2015 WorldPost Year-End Roundup, we observed that we were then “on the cusp of a tipping point” in the race between a world coming together...

Russia, Iran And Turkey: The Real Power Brokers In Syria

Amir Madani | Posted 12.29.2016 | World
Amir Madani

By entering into east Aleppo, it would seem that the Syrian Arab Army and allied forces have prevented their country from suffering Libya's fate. But ...

The Shame Of Aleppo

Bernard-Henri Lévy | Posted 12.29.2016 | World
Read More: Aleppo, World News
Bernard-Henri Lévy

“The pyramid of martyrs haunts the Earth.” Hearing the latest from Aleppo this morning, this line from a wartime poem by René Char comes back to ...


James Heffernan | Posted 12.25.2016 | Comedy
James Heffernan

Blogger's note. On December 25, 1991, less than two hours before announcing his resignation as president of a Soviet Union that was breaking up into...

Aleppo: Putin's Gift to Trump

Raghida Dergham | Posted 12.25.2016 | World
Raghida Dergham

The trio 'guaranteeing' a political settlement in Syria has now destroyed the foundations of what was known as the Geneva Communique and the Vienna Pr...

Weekend Roundup: The Berlin Attack Has Sealed The Political Fate Of Europe

Nathan Gardels | Posted 12.23.2016 | World
Nathan Gardels

Europe was already reeling from major terror attacks in Brussels, Paris and Nice as well as Brexit and the defeat of the political establishment in th...

Strike By Syrian Organizations And Syrian Staff Working In International Organizations And Corporations For Aleppo

Sabreen Shalabi | Posted 12.23.2016 | World
Sabreen Shalabi

Last night, the regime raided Eastern Aleppo and committed mass field executions, killing entire families and burning civilians alive. The internation...

Aleppo: Our Lives Should Matter No Matter Who Is Bombing Us

Atif Choudhury | Posted 12.23.2016 | World
Atif Choudhury

Two months ago, an aging but deadly Russian aircraft carrier laboriously lumbered through the English channel, under the watchful escort of an increas...

The Real Reason Why Aleppo Matters

Dr. Michael Laitman | Posted 12.23.2016 | Religion
Dr. Michael Laitman

Money will not save Aleppo's children, but true love will. Yet, they will have none until we nurture it among us. In the last few months, the horrid ...

The Assassination Of The Russian Ambassador Was An Anomaly Even For Grief-Stricken Turkey

Ilgin Yorulmaz | Posted 12.24.2016 | World
Ilgin Yorulmaz

Even by the standards of recent tragedies experienced by my country, Monday’s assassination of Andrei Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, was ...

Syrian Rebels Shell Aleppo After Withdrawal

Reuters | Willa Frej | Posted 12.23.2016 | World

Syrian rebels shelled Aleppo on Friday, killing three people, state television reported, a day after insurgents finished withdrawing from their last p...

How heartbreaking images from Aleppo could actually change international norms

The Conversation Global | Posted 12.22.2016 | World
The Conversation Global

A city under siege: never again? Abdalrhman Ismail/Reuters Chiara De Franco, University of Southern Denmark The siege of Aleppo is a mass atrocity w...

Syrian Army Has Taken Back All Of Aleppo

Reuters | Willa Frej | Posted 12.22.2016 | World

BEIRUT, Dec 22 (Reuters) - The Syrian army said it had retaken complete control of Aleppo on Thursday after the last rebel fighters were evacuated fro...