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Alison Lundergan Grimes

Dave Jamieson

Why Richard Trumka Still Thinks McConnell Will Lose | Dave Jamieson | Posted 10.08.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Few things seem to excite AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka quite like the prospect of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) los...

Mitch McConnell Under Fire, But... | Robert Farley | Posted 10.08.2014 | Politics

The following post first appeared on In an interesting twist, Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell is under fire from his Democratic oppone...

Howard Fineman

Mitch vs. Alison Isn't Over Yet | Howard Fineman | Posted 10.08.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Coal miners used to take canaries with them underground, where a dying bird would signal the presence of poison gases. In Kentucky’...

Alison Lundergan Grimes Edges Ahead In New Poll

The Huffington Post | Ariel Edwards-Levy & Mark Blumenthal | Posted 10.06.2014 | Politics

A SurveyUSA Bluegrass Poll, released Monday, gives Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes the advantage over Republican Mitch McConnell in the Kentucky Sena...

Amanda Terkel

Bill Clinton Appears In His First Senate Ad This Cycle | Amanda Terkel | Posted 10.01.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D), who is fighting to unseat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), is ou...

Paul Blumenthal

Where Billionaires Are Placing Bets In This Year's Elections | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 10.08.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- As the Democratic Party works to hold control of the U.S. Senate for the final two years of Barack Obama's presidency, a key strategy fo...

Dave Jamieson

Alison Lundergan Grimes: Both McConnell And His Wife Have Failed Coal Miners | Dave Jamieson | Posted 09.24.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The campaign of Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes has ripped her opponent, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), for siding wi...

Mitch McConnell Aims To Soften His Image

Reuters | Posted 11.21.2014 | Politics

By Richard Cowan PADUCAH, Ky, Sept 21 (Reuters) - Mitch McConnell is hardly a lovable guy. The Republican leader in the U.S. Senate ha...

Sam Stein

Democratic Senate Candidates Run From Obama While GOP Moves Toward His Agenda | Sam Stein | Posted 09.19.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- As the 2014 campaign enters its final stages, the two parties are approaching President Barack Obama in unconventional ways. Some De...

5 Ways Mitch McConnell Explains Our Bleak World

Alec MacGillis | Posted 11.16.2014 | Politics
Alec MacGillis

As powerful as he is, Mitch McConnell has gotten oddly little attention over the years, in large part because he offers little superficial appeal. But McConnell holds the key to understanding how our politics and government have come to such a low point.

Alison Lundergan Grimes Goes Skeet-Shooting To Prove She's 'Not Barack Obama'

The Huffington Post | Samantha Lachman | Posted 09.15.2014 | Politics

U.S. Senate candidate and Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D) goes skeet-shooting in her campaign's latest television ad in an att...

McConnell Revs The Ad Machine, But...

Center for Public Integrity | Michael Beckel | Posted 09.11.2014 | Politics

This story was published by The Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit, nonpartisan investigative news organization in Washington, D.C. Don’t b...

Jason Linkins

Alison Lundergan Grimes' Parents Looking At Some Christmas Ornaments Is Somehow News | Jason Linkins | Posted 09.08.2014 | Politics

It's been awhile since I've come face to face with one of those "how on Earth did this become a news story" stories, but Monday morning, The Hill spew...

Ariel Edwards-Levy

Senate Polls Show Edge For GOP | Ariel Edwards-Levy | Posted 09.08.2014 | Politics

Two sets of polls released Sunday find an edge for the GOP in a closely contested Senate midterm environment, although they differ on the size of that...

Latest Polls Agree On Tough Kentucky Senate Race

The Huffington Post | Ariel Edwards-Levy | Posted 09.04.2014 | Politics

In an election year hinging on a handful of remarkably close Senate races, recent surveys are reaching something of a consensus on Kentucky. Three pol...

Want Marriage Equality? Don't Sit Out These Elections

Chris Cormier | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Chris Cormier

As a gay man who has spent the last decade working to advance marriage equality, I cheer "yaaaas" with each new marriage victory. And yet, I know that our momentum will quickly be stunted if we sit out the November elections.

Ashley Alman

McConnell Widens Lead Over Grimes In New Poll | Ashley Alman | Posted 09.02.2014 | Politics

A Saturday Bluegrass Poll gives Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) the edge in one of the tightest Senate races in the nation, with just over two months lef...

Alex Lazar

Madeleine Albright Endorses Alison Lundergan Grimes For U.S. Senate | Alex Lazar | Posted 08.27.2014 | Politics

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright endorsed Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D) on Tuesday in her bid for the U.S. ...

Women's Equality Day: So Much Achieved, So Far to Go

Alison Lundergan Grimes | Posted 10.26.2014 | Politics
Alison Lundergan Grimes

Today on Women's Equality Day, we commemorate the passage of women's right to vote -- celebrating how far we have come, but also recognizing the work that remains. Sometimes it seems like women are the only people coming together across party lines to get things done.

Mitch McConnell Will Debate Alison Lundergan Grimes In October

The Huffington Post | Akbar Shahid Ahmed | Posted 08.19.2014 | Politics

Kentucky voters have seen Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his Democratic challenger, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan G...

Jennifer Bendery

McConnell Earns 'Mostly False' Rating For Claims On Violence Against Women Act Vote | Jennifer Bendery | Posted 08.13.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- PolitiFact is giving Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) a "mostly false" rating for his claim that he voted for a stronger v...

Poll Gives Mitch McConnell The Edge In Kentucky Senate Race

The Huffington Post | Ariel Edwards-Levy | Posted 08.13.2014 | Politics

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has the edge over Democratic rival Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky's competitive Senate race, according to ...

The Koch Brothers' Reign of Terror: How Their Great Wealth Is Buying Our Government

Pearl Korn | Posted 10.05.2014 | Politics
Pearl Korn

It seems like every e-mail I receive these days from a Democratic Senate candidate or Senator up for re-election this cycle includes a warning that the infamous Koch brothers will do anything, no matter the cost, to take over the US Senate -- and with it, our country.

Howard Fineman

Bill Clinton Launches Charm Offensive For Alison Lundergan Grimes In Coal Country | Howard Fineman | Posted 08.05.2014 | Politics

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- It's a good thing for embattled Democrats here in Kentucky that Bill Clinton loves to play golf. Because he does, and because hi...

Eliot Nelson

Grimes, McConnell Hurl Insults At Annual Kentucky Free-For-All | Eliot Nelson | Posted 08.04.2014 | Politics

FANCY FARM, Ky. -- On Saturday, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes (D) was giving a speech and was interrupted by a heckler supportin...