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Hillary Clinton Says Benghazi Probes Won't Deter Possible White House Bid

Hillary Clinton: I Will Decide On 2016 'When It Feels Right'

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Clinton Refuses To Take Part In 'Political Slugfest' Over Benghazi

Benghazi Becomes Issue In Arizona GOP Primary For Governor

Republicans Seek Election Edge With Benghazi, IRS Controversies

Kerry Agrees To Testify In Front Of Issa, But Not New Benghazi Committee

It's Amateur Hour With The Benghazi Select Committee

Allen West Says Rep. Tammy Duckworth, Decorated Veteran, Not 'Loyal' To America

Elijah Cummings Details His 3-Prong Strategy For The GOP's Benghazi Committee

Obama Raps GOP For Focusing On Benghazi, Obamacare

Rogue Libyan General's Troops Attack Parliament