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Best Places to Retire

Trying To Determine Whether It's Safe Or Not To Retire Overseas

Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher | Posted 10.31.2016 | Home
Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher

Like anyone else who has moved from their home country and lived abroad for any length of time, we are often asked by family and friends back on the block: 'Is it safe?'

U.S. Retirees Are Moving to Wyoming and Here's Why

Stephanie R. Caudle | Posted 09.14.2016 | Home
Stephanie R. Caudle

Most people spend their entire lives working hard and sometimes at minimal wages just in order to be able to retire and retire successfully. For once you finally have the opportunity to be free from the everyday hustle and bustle. No more routines and no more working just to survive. As a retiree you finally have the chance to simply enjoy the little things in life.

The 10 Best And Worst U.S. Cities To Retire In 2016

The Huffington Post | Yagana Shah | Posted 08.15.2016 | Home

If your dream retirement consists of warm weather, sandy beaches and palm trees, you’re in luck. Because Orlando, Florida, is the best U.S. city to ...

An Active, Healthy Lifestyle In Ecuador's Highlands | Posted 08.06.2016 | Home

The couple's cost of living in Ecuador is much lower than it was in Chicago. "Our HOA fees are $235 a month, electric is $19, water is $4, cell phone is $23, and I pay $70 for my internet," says Kristin.

Retire To This Caribbean Paradise For Only $3,000 A Month | Posted 07.31.2016 | Home

Marty and Michelle Kramer know that the road to paradise is not always direct. They're okay with that. As they will tell you, what counts is being happy where you end up.

Find The Perfect Work-Life Balance By Moving To This Caribbean Paradise | Posted 07.27.2016 | Home

In Belize, 'I am happy. I don't worry about car insurance, driving for hours, or traffic. I don't have to put on a pair of heels and a business suit. Flip-flops and a great pair of shorts or sundress are my normal attire now.'

How To Find Good Personal Service Providers When Retiring Abroad

Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher | Posted 07.25.2016 | Home
Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher

Finding the best lawyer or doctor or accountant when you retire overseas can be an interesting process. In many cases, reputation may be your only guide. This applies to professionals of any kind ... plumbers, electricians, doctors, you name it.

The 13 Countries That Are Better For Retirees Than The U.S.

The Huffington Post | Ann Brenoff | Posted 07.20.2016 | Home

When the work wheel stops spinning, where will you land? According to the Natixis Global Asset Management’s fourth annual study, the countries of No...

Getting Away From The Barrage Of Election News By Moving Overseas

Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher | Posted 07.14.2016 | Home
Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher

In the states this summer visiting family and friends, the constant barrage of political news was exhausting. It's saddening. Maddening. Lucky for us, in our hometown in Ecuador, we are far removed from this madness.

How We Found Our Way To A Fabulous New Life South Of The Border | Posted 07.13.2016 | Home

Here we were -- a couple in our mid-50s -- who wanted to do something different. But where would we go? It's a huge world out there. How would we choose? Living in the U.S. northeast, we wanted to choose a part of the world that was a reasonable commute back to visit family and friends.

This Is The Place For Those Seeking An Easy Transition To Expat Life

Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher | Posted 06.27.2016 | Home
Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher

This part of Mexico, around Lake Chapala, has been an expat haven for generations. It's estimated that 30,000 foreigners live in the small towns and villages that dot the north side of the lake -- the closest proximity to the big-city services of Guadalajara.

The 10 Best -- And 10 Worst -- Cities To Retire In America

The Huffington Post | Shelley Emling | Posted 06.27.2016 | Home

Forget pristine beaches and palm trees. The top city in the U.S. to retire is actually Arlington, Virginia, according to's annual ranking...

The 10 Best (And Worst) States To Retire Rich

The Huffington Post | Yagana Shah | Posted 06.21.2016 | Home

Who wouldn't want to live out their golden years in the lap of luxury? But many Americans wonder if they'll even be able to retire somewhat comfortabl...

The 10 Best Cities For A Working Retirement

The Huffington Post | Yagana Shah | Posted 06.15.2016 | Home

Older Americans increasingly are choosing to postpone total retirement, whether it's to continue saving up money or because they aren't quite ready to...

How To Retire In The Prettiest Town South Of The Border

Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher | Posted 05.25.2016 | Home
Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher

Is San Miguel de Allende the prettiest colonial town in Mexico? Many people think so. Today, as many as 10,000 expats call San Miguel home, and it continues to attract international artists.

10 Reasons To Live, Retire, And Invest In Belize

Kathleen Peddicord | Posted 05.23.2016 | Home
Kathleen Peddicord

Belize is a little country with a population of fewer than 350,000 people, most all of whom speak English. Part Caribbean, part Central American, it's mostly wide-open spaces with a long coast and a sprinkling of small islands just offshore fringed by white sand and swaying palms.

How To Live Without A Car When You Retire Overseas

Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher | Posted 05.11.2016 | Home
Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher

Public transportation is cheap and plentiful in Ecuador, as it is in many of the most popular overseas retirement destinations -- making it possible to take the overhead of owning, maintaining, fueling, and insuring a car right off the top of your monthly budget.

The 3 Most Stunning Places To Retire In Old World Europe | Posted 05.10.2016 | Home

Rich in history and culture, Europe has long had an appeal for American retirees. But many people who would love to retire there fret that it's beyond their budget. But while Europe on the whole is more expensive than Latin America or Asia, there are places where an affordable retirement can be found.

The South American City I Couldn't Help But Fall In Love With

Kathleen Peddicord | Posted 05.05.2016 | Home
Kathleen Peddicord

The Euro-undertones are strong in Medellín, from the way the women dress to the way people greet you in passing on the street. Wandering around Medellín is more reminiscent of walking around Paris than almost any other city in the Americas.

How You Can Retire To Mexico's Beautiful Caribbean Coast

Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher | Posted 04.27.2016 | Home
Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher

Imagine the perfect Caribbean beach in Mexico and chances are it features soft, white sands, swaying palms, and impossibly turquoise waters. That description barely does justice to the Caribbean beaches of Mexico.

Forbes' Top 25 Places To Retire In The U.S. In 2016

The Huffington Post | Yagana Shah | Posted 02.01.2017 | Home

Choosing a retirement spot can be overwhelming given the number of possible locales. To help, we've written in the past about the worst places to reti...

Why There's No Such Thing As A 'Normal Day' When Retiring Overseas

Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher | Posted 04.08.2016 | Home
Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher

We often get this question from people back home about moving overseas: 'What's a normal day like for you?' Short answer -- there is no such thing, at least compared to life back in the U.S. Because a normal day for us means a day of things being different in many ways from the way they were back home.

The Key To A Happy Retired Life Overseas

Kathleen Peddicord | Posted 03.29.2016 | Home
Kathleen Peddicord

Is retiring overseas really for you? I'd say the very fact that you're even considering the notion of retiring to another country gives you part of the answer to that question. Because considering the idea means you possess one of the two qualities you need to make a big success of this: open-mindedness.

These Are The 10 Best Cities For Enjoying An Active Retirement

The Huffington Post | Yagana Shah | Posted 03.23.2016 | Home

While cost of living and close proximity to family are two of the most crucial factors to consider when it comes to deciding where to retire, it's als...

5 Best-Value Retirement Havens For Under $1,500 A Month | Posted 03.17.2016 | Home

"I can easily afford to indulge myself whenever I want," says expat Rob Schneider. "Between breakfast, renting a catamaran, and dinner for two, I came away with change out of the $25 I had in my pocket this morning."