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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

United to Save Lives, One Goal at a Time

Dr. Orin Levine | Posted 02.03.2017 | Impact
Dr. Orin Levine

For devoted soccer fans like me, the later winter months are a time filled with anticipation and excitement. In the coming weeks, my soccer club, the...

Knowledge of Genetic Make-up Inspires Worthy Causes: The Story of Two of the World's Wealthiest Men

Vicky Law | Posted 11.17.2016 | Impact
Vicky Law

If you were to ask what Bill Gates and Sergey Brin have in common you'd probably say that they are among the richest individuals in the tech industry....

Education Reform Is Drowning America's Children in a Bathtub

Steve Nelson | Posted 11.12.2016 | Education
Steve Nelson

I suspect you've heard the definition of chutzpah - the child who kills his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an...

"We cannot close the gender gap without first closing the data gap."

Robyn Norton | Posted 09.15.2016 | Women
Robyn Norton

"We cannot close the gender gap without first closing the data gap." This was perhaps the defining statement at the Women Deliver conference in Cop...

What Is College For?

Charles Kolb | Posted 09.14.2016 | Education
Charles Kolb

The shortcomings of our K-12 system carry over into the postsecondary years at considerable cost. We still have too many instances of social promotion where high school diplomas go to "graduates" who can't do third-grade math.

Friday Talking Points -- Two Promises Hillary Clinton Should Make

Chris Weigant | Posted 09.09.2016 | Politics
Chris Weigant

The Vast Right-Wing Anti-Clinton Conspiracy is now operating at full steam, pushing the theory that Hillary Clinton is liable to drop dead before she can even take office, because she is so ill. How do they know this? They don't.

What's Working: Setting Goals For Success

Allan Golston | Posted 08.25.2016 | Education
Allan Golston

Over the next few weeks, millions of children across the country will spontaneously take part in a quiet, private ritual. Just before bedtime on their last night of summer vacation these students, like generations before them, will carefully select and lay out their first-day-of-school outfit.

Computers Are For Girls, Too

Melinda Gates | Posted 08.24.2016 | Impact
Melinda Gates

The gross underrepresentation of women in computer science is not just a problem for the girls who are left out. It's a problem for all of us, because we're not benefitting from the creativity girls have to offer.

What Immunization Programs Can Learn From Trees in NYC

Dr. Orin Levine | Posted 08.04.2016 | Impact
Dr. Orin Levine

Dr. Kebede Worku, health minister of Ethiopia, inspects the immunization records at the Feedho Health Post. How can annual reporting of district-level...

How Tech Breakthroughs Can Shatter the Bonds of Poverty

ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery | Posted 07.28.2016 | Technology
ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery

Kosta Peric Deputy Director for Global Development Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Right now, roughly 2 billion adults around the world lack basic fi...

Trends In Philanthropy -- Giving To Women And Girls And Why It Matters

Dianne Bailey | Posted 07.22.2016 | Women
Dianne Bailey

When we donate to nonprofit organizations that lift up women, we can be assured that our philanthropic investments will generate dividends for entire communities.

Go (College) Fish: Easing Path for Community College Transfers

Dr. Brian C. Mitchell | Posted 06.20.2016 | College
Dr. Brian C. Mitchell

One of the most persistent problems facing American higher education is how best to create a seamless pathway among the various higher education secto...

Nonprofits Can Help Prevent Gun Violence

Paul Clolery | Posted 06.17.2016 | Impact
Paul Clolery

It could be argued that gun violence is a public health issue. But, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has not studied gun violence since funding was stripped some 20 years ago due to lobbying efforts by the National Rifle Association (NRA), which feared that research would be used to advocate or promote gun control.

Charter Schools Break the Rules and Don't Seem to Care

Alan Singer | Posted 06.16.2016 | Education
Alan Singer

Three recent stories about Charter Schools and the school deform movement should make readers ask, "Is this what they mean by school reform?"

Measuring What Works: Evaluating Women's Groups on Maternal Health Uptake in Rural Nepal

Sheetal Sharma | Posted 06.07.2016 | Impact
Sheetal Sharma

with Edwin van Teijlingen, Professor of Maternal & Perinatal Health Research at Bournemouth University. Last month Women's Deliver Conference in Cope...

Failure Is a Part of Success: The Gates Foundation Should Be Praised for Owning Up

Peter Cunningham | Posted 06.03.2016 | Education
Peter Cunningham

A recent editorial suggested that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been characterized by hubris. It has hedged big bets, hoping its efforts would succeed. It's also suffered failure and for that it's been criticized as having exercised too much influence over education policy.

A Memo to Susan Desmond-Hellmann, CEO of the Gates Foundation

Susan Ochshorn | Posted 05.27.2016 | Education
Susan Ochshorn

The Gates Foundation has done remarkable work across the globe. How about taking some of your formidable resources and bringing them on home to America's children and communities?

Current Data Is 'Sexist,' So Bill And Melinda Gates Are Funding Research To Help Women

The Huffington Post | Eleanor Goldberg | Posted 05.23.2016 | Impact

Data is “sexist,” and will remain so until we get accurate statistics on women and girls, according to Melinda Gates. Because there’s a lack of ...

What's Working: Listening to Parents of Color

Allan Golston | Posted 05.19.2017 | Education
Allan Golston

In conversations about education in the United States, the word "equity" seems to be everywhere. And the central question around which equity revolves -- whether every student is receiving what they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond -- is nearly as old as the country itself.

Is the New York Times Endorsing Legalization of Prostitution?

Taina Bien-Aime | Posted 05.17.2017 | World
Taina Bien-Aime

Our culture's current lack of understanding of women as full human beings must evolve into a conviction that indivisible rights include freedom from unfettered male sexual access, from female genital mutilation to child marriage; from reproductive health to sexual violence; from sexual harassment to prostitution. Achieving equality depends on it.

A Race Against Time to Check Malaria Resistance

Philippe Douste-Blazy | Posted 04.23.2017 | World
Philippe Douste-Blazy

Insecticide-treated bed nets and spraying of homes have proved formidable tools to fight malaria. Concern is growing, however, that hard-fought gains over the past decade could be undermined by insecticide resistance.

Mentoring a New Generation of Nurses in India―Saving Lives

Mariam Claeson | Posted 04.22.2017 | Impact
Mariam Claeson

© Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/Prashant Panjiar Throughout the world, nurses are on the front lines, using their skills and passion to meet the n...

Assessing Our Children to Death

Steve Nelson | Posted 04.17.2017 | Education
Steve Nelson

Imagine a world where a poem was judged by the number of characters per line or the font in which it was published, or a violin concerto reviewed in terms of its precise conformance to metronomic beats or the posture of the violinist. This is what we are doing to education: Trying to measure beauty with a ruler.

What's Working: Getting Teachers More Common Core Aligned Materials

Allan Golston | Posted 04.15.2017 | Education
Allan Golston

Much has been written and debated on the state-led shift toward more rigorous, consistent K-12 education standards commonly known as Common Core. At t...

The Best of America: Part II

Deborah Derrick | Posted 04.12.2017 | Impact
Deborah Derrick

This is the second in a three-part series on U.S.-led successes in global health. This post focuses on a question recently posed to me: What game-chan...