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Black Farmers

Gas Price Drop Is a Boon for Farmers

John W. Boyd Jr. | Posted 03.17.2015 | Politics
John W. Boyd Jr.

Although I struggle every year to plant and harvest my crop, I accept and endure the challenges of my agricultural life. By the same token, I expect politicians and critics to give credit when it is due, get out of the way and let us have our too-seldom moments of joy.

Climate Change Hits Close to Home for Small Family Farmers

John W. Boyd Jr. | Posted 12.06.2014 | Green
John W. Boyd Jr.

For many years on my Virginia farm I had my corn crop in the ground by the end of March. But that has not been the case for the last 10 years. Spring planting season has become more and more delayed because of changes in our weather patterns. Nowadays, I find myself planting corn in May.

The Breaking and Dispossession of America's Black Farmers

Evaggelos Vallianatos | Posted 06.03.2014 | Politics
Evaggelos Vallianatos

We need to help black farmers get back their lost land and return to farming. Dispossession" could be the prologue to a revitalized black farming -- and American society.

Federal Judge's Decision Closes Black Farmers' Lawsuit, Leaves Some Disappointed

John W. Boyd Jr. | Posted 05.19.2014 | Politics
John W. Boyd Jr.

A federal judge's recent ruling has finally settled outstanding issues in the black farmers' long-running lawsuit, nearly 30 years after I first start...

Affordable Health Care Is Right for America -- and a Worthy Tribute to Black History Month

John W. Boyd Jr. | Posted 04.28.2014 | Politics
John W. Boyd Jr.

Why is it so difficult to gain wider support for insuring America's greatest asset, expanding the security of protecting one's health -- which cannot be replaced? Is it a resistance to putting the 'little people' on a level with the more affluent in our society?

Let Us Honor Mandela by Emulating His Humility and Humanity

John W. Boyd Jr. | Posted 02.05.2014 | Black Voices
John W. Boyd Jr.

Every so often God chooses the best man for the job. Nelson Mandela was the right man at the right place and time in history. His legacy is secure as the man who broke the chains of Apartheid.

Farmers Get Settlement Checks after Rough Decades

John W. Boyd Jr. | Posted 11.30.2013 | Black Voices
John W. Boyd Jr.

I am proud to have led the fight for justice for the black farmers, a struggle few people ever thought we had a chance to win.

Black Farmers Discrimination Settlement Represents Opportunity for Building Family Assets

Bill Bynum | Posted 10.29.2013 | Black Voices
Bill Bynum

The sweat of our forefathers laid the foundation for many of us to realize educational, financial and other achievements that discrimination barred them from experiencing.

Respect for Black Farmers

Ben Jealous | Posted 07.17.2013 | Black Voices
Ben Jealous

There is no way to make up for decades of discrimination that crippled the proud history of black farm ownership in this country. But we can do our best to move forward.

Shame on The New York Times for Their Black Farmers and "Spigot" Story

John W. Boyd Jr. | Posted 07.02.2013 | Black Voices
John W. Boyd Jr.

Shame on The New York Times for the bias that was so evident in last week's front page story titled "Federal Spigot Flows as Farmers Claim Bias." It c...

Native Americans Receive Settlement Funds This Week

John W. Boyd Jr. | Posted 02.19.2013 | Black Voices
John W. Boyd Jr.

This time of year was the most difficult for me. Most people would be in good holiday spirits. I would be heading home empty-handed, facing another year with a stalled bill pending in Congress.

High Price of Monopoly: Why American Farmers Must Buy From Just One Seed Company

John W. Boyd Jr. | Posted 04.22.2012 | Green
John W. Boyd Jr.

Monsanto's monopoly limits farmers' choices and threatens our livelihoods. But America's antitrust laws were enacted to protect us from this very situation. These laws are premised on the belief that competitive markets produce the best products, and they need to be enforced.

Trymaine Lee

Obama On $1.2 Billion Black Farmers Settlment: 'Brings Us Closer To The Ideals Of Freedom and Equality' | Trymaine Lee | Posted 12.28.2011 | Black Voices

President Barack Obama called a judge's approval of a $1.2 billion government settlement with black farmers who for decades had been denied loans and ...

Bachmann and the Black Farmers

Andrew Gunther | Posted 10.01.2011 | Politics
Andrew Gunther

Michele Bachmann's allegations of mass fraud in the Pigford cases are nothing less than an insult to the thousands of individuals and families who were directly and indirectly affected by racial discrimination at the USDA over the years.

The Odd Timing of Shirley Sherrod's Lawsuit Against Andrew Breitbart

Lee Stranahan | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Lee Stranahan

Until Mrs. Sherrod plunged herself headfirst into the Pigford story by suing my film's funder, Andrew Brietbart, I wasn't clear on how central a figure she was.

The Media's Failure to Report on Pigford Hurts Black Farmers

Lee Stranahan | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Lee Stranahan

The story the press wants you to hear about Pigford is an overly simple one. But it's a very complex story, and not something that can be explained easily between two commercial breaks.

Why Anderson Cooper Botched the Billion Dollar Pigford Story

Lee Stranahan | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Lee Stranahan

One of the worst things about the racist charge is that too often, it's a distraction. A sideshow. In constructing their hyped up news segments, the mainstream TV shows miss the actual story.

Now is the Time for Justice for Black Farmers

John W. Boyd Jr. | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
John W. Boyd Jr.

The discussion at my Thanksgiving table was different this year, just days after the Senate took the historic step of unanimously passing the funding ...

Black Farmers are Tight Lipped After White House Meeting

April D. Ryan | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
April D. Ryan

John Boyd, head of the National Black Farmers Association has not emerged to talk with reporters after a 10:30 am meeting with White House staff Thurs...

Black and Indian Farmers Deserve Funds From Settlement

David Person | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
David Person

With each of its nine failed attempts, the Senate has callously toyed with these farmers, shamefully delaying its opportunity to correct decades of documented discrimination by refusing to rise above its own political machinations.

Lucia Graves

Dems Blast Republican Opposition To Settlement For Black Farmers, 'Stop Playing Games' | Lucia Graves | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

Democratic leadership slammed Republican opposition to legislation funding the multibillion-dollar settlement of a class-action suit by black farmers ...

Lucia Graves

House Republicans Allege Fraud In Settlement With Black Farmers, Call For Investigation | Lucia Graves | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

House Republicans allege that a $1.25-billion settlement of discrimination claims with black farmers supported by the Obama administration is packed w...

The Egg Recall Was a Disaster Waiting to Happen

John W. Boyd Jr. | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
John W. Boyd Jr.

The people who are least surprised to hear of the appalling conditions that led to the egg recall that began on August 13 were my fellow small and mid-sized farmers.

The Bitter Ironies in USDA's Firing of Shirley Sherrod

Donald Carr | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Donald Carr

For all the the subsidy programs' generosity toward those least in need, it has been impossible to bring closure to black farmers victimized by past USDA discrimination.

Shirley Sherrod: Beyond the Media Circus, Lessons for Economic Progress

David M. Abromowitz | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
David M. Abromowitz

Many will take away from the Shirley Sherrod media incident merely that fact checking is vital when information is so easy to manipulate. But there are more important lessons to be learned.