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5 Things You May Have Missed at the Oscars

Brandy Bonner | Posted 02.29.2016 | Black Voices
Brandy Bonner

So, I didn't watch the Oscars. I never do. I always wait till the next morning, and they'll tell me what I want to know.

Chris Rock Promises A #Blackout For The Oscars

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | Posted 02.28.2016 | Entertainment

The Oscars aren't #SoWhite anymore. Chris Rock already called out the lack of diversity at the Oscars, dubbing the ceremony he's hosting the White BET...

'Blackout' Author Sarah Hepola Talks Women, Alcohol, and Power

Kelley Calkins | Posted 10.28.2015 | Books
Kelley Calkins

In her New York Times bestselling breakout memoir Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget, Hepola offers an unflinching look into her own self-destruction, inviting readers to witness her "humiliation buffet" -- and, ultimately, her sober self-realization.

A Call to Action: Challenging the Conspiracy of Silence

Hector Villagra | Posted 08.18.2015 | Crime
Hector Villagra

Will we accept a deeply divided nation where only whites can have a high level of confidence in the criminal justice system generally and the police specifically? Or will we push for a country where everyone can trust that the police are there protect and serve them?

When the Lights Went Out in New York: A Tale of Two Nights

Phillip Martin | Posted 07.14.2016 | Politics
Phillip Martin

Thirty-eight years ago this week, the lights went out in New York City. Chaos ensued. But the nature of the disruption was far from simple. This week, PBS's American Experience chronicles and deconstructs that intense 1977 experience.

Emma Mustich

What It's Like When Alcohol Takes Over Your Life -- And Steals Your Memories | Emma Mustich | Posted 07.02.2015 | Women

There are some crucial details missing from Sarah Hepola's new memoir, Blackout -- but that's the whole point. In her book, released in June, the a...

Why #BlackOutDay Matters For Teens Like Me

Camryn Garrett | Posted 06.06.2015 | Teen
Camryn Garrett

These pictures reflect a small amount of the beautiful people that share selfies each #BlackOutDay, but I hope they inspire you the way they inspire me.

Top 5 Scariest Haunted Attractions for Millennials

Kyle McMahon | Posted 12.16.2014 | Travel
Kyle McMahon

Millennials count Halloween as their #1 holiday. In fact, Halloween has now become the #2 highest grossing holiday in the country overall. Over 40 percent of millennials will go to a haunted attraction this year. Which is why I thought it was the perfect time to write about the Top 5 scariest haunted attractions for millennials.

What Happens When Your Mom Catches You Having Sex (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fowlie | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Jimmy Fowlie

2014-10-14-20141010gogoboyinterruptedbedsmall.pngEpisode 2 of Go-Go Boy Interrupted shows what happens after a night of heavy binge drinking causes Danny to struggle to remember who the man in his bed is. And then the worst person who could drop by for a visit does.

Sports Blackout Rule on Its Death Bed

Ken Reed | Posted 11.16.2014 | Sports
Ken Reed

The decades-old blackout strategy is nothing more than a wedge that is driven between the team and long-time fans who cannot afford to regularly attend NFL games at stadiums their tax dollars built.

''Green News Report' - June 12, 2014

Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen | Posted 08.12.2014 | Green
Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen

The Green News Report is also available via... IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: GOP Leader Eric Cantor defeated by climate denier who doesn't want you to...

17,000 Sober Hours

Allison Hudson | Posted 07.21.2014 | Healthy Living
Allison Hudson

Not one of those hours was spent wasted drinking at a bar, being drunk, or hung over. I didn't make any trips to the emergency room. I didn't spend any nights in jail. I didn't waste one hour in court. I haven't wasted an entire day sleeping it off and feeling miserable because of drinking the night before.

Andy Campbell

WATCH: Which Haunted Houses Actually Horrified Us? | Andy Campbell | Posted 09.24.2014 | Weird News

There's a place in New York that makes you sign a waiver and devise a safety word before its actors scare the bejesus out of you. Blocks away, there's...

Flexible Grid, Renewable Energy Offer Hope for Future

Rhone Resch | Posted 10.15.2013 | Green
Rhone Resch

What have we learned 10 years after the largest blackout in U.S. history? Well, for one thing, solar power and other renewables are more important than ever when it comes to our nation's energy security and grid reliability.

The Nation's Electric Grid: Looking Back at 2003 and How Far We've Come

Patricia Hoffman | Posted 10.15.2013 | Green
Patricia Hoffman

We are a nation with a history of looking at what needs to be done, learning from our experiences, and then taking action. We must -- and we will -- continue doing what needs to be done so that our nation is prepared to meet these evolving challenges.

PHOTOS: Remembering The 2003 NYC Blackout

Posted 08.14.2013 | New York

Wednesday marks the tenth anniversary of the 2003 New York City blackout. When the lights went out on August 14, 2013--less than two years after t...

The 2003 Northeast Blackout, 10 Years Later

Posted 08.14.2013 | Green

A decade ago today, more than 50 million people lost power during the great Northeast Blackout of 2003. An aging electrical grid, a series of technolo...

Time Warner Cable Tone Deaf to Customers During Media Blackout

Lorraine Devon Wilke | Posted 10.11.2013 | Media
Lorraine Devon Wilke

I don't care whose fault it is. When two multi-billion dollar companies get into a hissy fit about money, then take their punitive actions out against their customers, they are severely tone deaf to the principles of the marketplace. Customers don't like to be the vessels for vitriol between parties who exist in a vaunted state of wealthy corporate cluelessness.

'Let Them Use Rabbit Ears': Viewers Held Hostage: CBS/Time Warner Cable City Hall Hearings

Sandi Bachom | Posted 10.09.2013 | Media
Sandi Bachom

In careless disregard for millions of paying customers held hostage by Time Warner Cable's recent blackout of CBS and Showtime programming, the two media giants are duking it out in a corporate donnybrook over transmission fees.

'Green News Report' - July 2, 2013

Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen | Posted 09.01.2013 | Green
Brad Friedman and Desi Doyen

TWITTER: @GreenNewsReport FACEBOOK: Green News Report The 'GNR' is also now available on your cell phone via Stitcher Radio's mobile app! IN TODAY'S ...

It's Time to Invest in a 21st-century Power System

Craig Lewis | Posted 07.30.2013 | Green
Craig Lewis

To even maintain our antiquated power system, massive investments estimated at $673 billion are needed by 2020. Why not invest this money into the creation of a modern power system that is actually capable of meeting the full set of America's energy needs?

CISPA Blackout Doesn't Go As Planned

The Huffington Post | Alexis Kleinman | Posted 04.23.2013 | Technology

Notice anything different about the Internet on Monday? Unfortunately for Anonymous, you probably didn't. Anonymous called for an Internet blackout to...

The Winners and Losers of Beyoncé's Super Bowl Halftime Show

Vanity Fair | Posted 04.06.2013 | Entertainment
Vanity Fair

By Julie Miller, Vanity Fair While some Americans continue to analyze the winning and losing gameplay of the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco...

Friday Night Lights Turns Into Sunday Afternoon Blackout

David Fagin | Posted 04.06.2013 | Sports
David Fagin

When the Superdome went dark for over half an hour, and the Baltimore Ravens had a 22-point lead over the San Francisco 49ers, there were many theories flying through the social media landscape as to what caused it.

Living In My Gay 'Revolution'

Dar Dowling | Posted 11.15.2012 | Queer Voices
Dar Dowling

Up until five years ago, more or less, I had no use for men (except for Harry the plumber and my nephew), and though it sounds awful, it's the truth. I lived in a world of women, gay and straight, with a few bisexuals tossed into the mix. And then it all changed.