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Blood Clots

Blood Clots, Deep Vein Thrombosis And Pulmonary Embolism

Nabil Ebraheim, MD | Posted 08.25.2016 | Healthy Living
Nabil Ebraheim, MD

What is Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)? DVT is the formation of a blood clot (thrombus) within a deep vein. The deep veins pass through deep tissues an...

Daily Binge Watching Could Have A Serious Effect On Your Health

Reuters | Anna Almendrala | Posted 07.28.2016 | Healthy Living

By Kathryn Doyle(Reuters Health) - People who watch television for five or more hours a day have more than twice the risk of those who watch half as m...

Hillary Clinton Overcomes a Medical Challenge

Cary A. Presant, M.D. | Posted 01.20.2017 | Politics
Cary A. Presant, M.D.

Unknown to many Americans, Hillary Clinton has shown courage in overcoming the challenge of recurrent blood clots. Her story reminds us of the health threat that excess blood clotting poses.

Did You Know Most Dogs and Cats Over Age 3 Have Dental Disease?

Dr. Karen Becker | Posted 01.14.2017 | Healthy Living
Dr. Karen Becker

With the right diet, recreational chew toys and regular home dental care, you may be able to reduce the frequency of professional cleanings for your pet. Dental work can be expensive, and as with any medical procedure, it carries inherent risks.

Dodging a Bullet

Randi Miller | Posted 05.18.2016 | Healthy Living
Randi Miller

I'm not sure which frightened me more -- the embolism itself, or the helpful nurse who asked me if I had a will and an advance health care directive. Regardless, I feel I've been given a tremendous gift, and I don't want to waste it. As soon as I can take a deep breath again, I intend to shout that from a rooftop.

Why Lying To My Doctor Is Like Online Dating

Al DeLuise | Posted 05.19.2015 | Comedy
Al DeLuise

Several years ago I woke up one Monday morning and it felt like someone had painted my right eye shut; only a sliver of light made it through the dark red that now consumed my eyesight. After a much panicked call to my ex-wife Arlene she gathered the kids together, picked me up, and drove me to the hospital.

Heart Transplants for Mom, Son Give Kurtyka Family Much to Be Thankful for This Holiday Season

Nancy Brown | Posted 01.24.2015 | Healthy Living
Nancy Brown

Diane Kurtyka considers herself fortunate to have such a close-knit family. Counting kids, spouses and grandkids, there are 12 of them, and they live ...

Multiple Blood Clots Freed Me at 32

Alessia ROSSI | Posted 09.10.2014 | Women
Alessia ROSSI

My mother is the most inspiring woman on earth for me. In 2010, she suffered a stroke which left her paralyzed on the entire left side of her body for...

The Birth Control Pill Could Have Killed Me

Silje Vallestad | Posted 05.17.2014 | Women
Silje Vallestad

Women everywhere are taking the pill for longer or shorter periods of their lives, and we are all told about stroke and blood clots as a potential side effect. But we all think that this will never happen to me. And now it happened to me!

Women Still At Risk For Blood Clots Long After Pregnancy

Posted 02.14.2014 | Parents

By Bahar Gholipour, Staff Writer Published: 02/13/2014 11:39 AM EST on LiveScience Pregnant women have an increased risk of developing blood clo...

Birth Control Is Great -- But It Almost Killed Me

Jamie Hergenrader | Posted 09.30.2013 | Women
Jamie Hergenrader

When my doctor agreed to see me immediately without an appointment, I should have known something was wrong.

Every Mother Counts: Blood Clot Awareness Month -- What That Means to Pregnancy

Jeanne Faulkner | Posted 05.25.2013 | Impact
Jeanne Faulkner

One pregnant woman in a thousand may develop a potentially life threatening blood clot. The good news is that blood clots are almost always preventable.

'Know And Listen To Your Body'

Kristen Taylor | Posted 01.23.2014 | Fifty

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returns to work next week after being hospitalized for a blood clot, and there is renewed interest in preventing th...

5 Ways To Prevent Blood Clots

The Huffington Post | Shelley Emling | Posted 01.23.2014 | Fifty

The blood clot that landed Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in the hospital is thought to be related to her recent concussion. Doctors are ho...

Blood Clots, Up Close And Personal

| Posted 02.12.2013 | Healthy Living

By William Ferguson (Click here for the original article) A blood clot is one of the final steps in a complex process with which the human body ...

Diablo 3 Gamer Dies After Playing For 40 Hours Straight

The Huffington Post | Posted 07.18.2012 | Teen

A teenager died at an Internet cafe in Taiwan after reportedly playing the videogame "Diablo 3" for 40 hours straight. The 18-year-old, who has on...

Dillon Gee and Blood Clots

Abby Sims | Posted 09.16.2012 | Sports
Abby Sims

Dillon Gee's condition highlights the importance of taking quick action when one experiences the onset of symptoms and the need for accuracy in diagnosis.

Scientists Make 'Shotgun' For Dangerous Blood Clots

| Posted 07.06.2012 | Science

By Krystnell A. Storr Think of it as Liquid-Plumr for the circulatory system. Researchers have designed a clump of tiny particles that rides the cu...

WATCH: 'Miracle Mom' Holds Baby For First Time

Posted 07.05.2012 | Parents

More than six weeks after giving birth, 30-year-old Amber Scott from Louisiana held her daughter for the first time on Sunday. Amber's ordeal start...

Why Do Cancer Patients Die From Blood Clots?

Dr. Nalini Chilkov | Posted 04.28.2012 | Healthy Living
Dr. Nalini Chilkov

If you are a cancer patient you certainly don't expect to die from a blood clot. You usually expect to die from the cancer itself.