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What Is the Value of a Brand?

Dave Bookbinder | Posted 05.18.2016 | Business
Dave Bookbinder

A key element of differentiating from the competition, a powerful brand can illicit loyalty from satisfied customers and typically allow a company to charge a higher price relative to its competitors.

The Entrepreneur's Secret to Attracting More Customers

Kallen Diggs | Posted 05.16.2016 | Business
Kallen Diggs

If you want to attract more customers and stand out from your competition, you must take it a step further. You must make your brand noteworthy. You must give potential customers a definite reason to do business with you.

Here's Why Emoji's In Marketing Hold So Much Promise For Brands

Beverly Macy | Posted 05.09.2016 | Business
Beverly Macy

Emoji use - from custom emojis for Coke and Dominos - to Facebook Reactions - may hold enormous promise for brands. The use of emojis in marketing m...

The Power of Purpose in Driving Business Success

KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz | Posted 05.04.2016 | Business
KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz

The path to brand love and related customer loyalty has become rocky, and ensuring a dependable stable business today is harder than ever before.

8 Fashion Brands That Are Dedicated to Saving the Planet

Teen Vogue | Posted 04.27.2016 | Style
Teen Vogue

For Teen Vogue, by Emma Sarran Webster. Photo: Courtesy of Amour Vert As Earth Day approaches, we're reminded that there are plenty of ways to show...

The New Role of Sponsorship - Impact through Brand Collaboration and Values Alignment John Varvatos 13th Annual Stuart House Benefit

Simon Mainwaring | Posted 04.27.2016 | Business
Simon Mainwaring

Joyce Varvatos, John Varvatos, Gail Abarbanel, Sammy Hagar While brands worldwide clamor for new opportunities to engage customers and consumers in m...

5 Celebrity Beauty Brands That Are Legitimately Great

Teen Vogue | Posted 04.06.2016 | Style
Teen Vogue

by Christa Joanna Lee, Teen Vogue Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics It's difficult to find a celebrity these days who doesn't have a multihyphenate title...

3 Trends to Fuel Proactive Marketing

Michael McGuire | Posted 04.05.2016 | Business
Michael McGuire

The world of advertising we live and work in is crowded, competitive, and fickle. It can be all but impossible for marketers to find solid footing. But by always being proactive, we can at least have the best idea of where the ground will shift to next.

Get in Character: Using Archetypes to Breathe New Life Into Your Brand

Laura Tarbox | Posted 04.01.2016 | Business
Laura Tarbox

A brand is brought to life by its character. It guides how the brand speaks, looks and behaves, and should be consistent across all communications.

Do Brands Still Need Websites? Yes, They Do.

James G. Brooks | Posted 03.28.2016 | Business
James G. Brooks

For media brands in 2016, it seems that the hip thing to do is ditch your website. BuzzFeed set the tone this month, when, during a keynote at South ...

4 Ways to Tell Your Fashion Brand Story

Dorit Sasson | Posted 03.23.2016 | Style
Dorit Sasson

These are just some ways to tell your brand story. Of course, your website, logo, colors and design support your online person and brand image. The key is being able to manipulate these visual elements to help tell the right story.

The Future is in the Hands of Brands

Advertising Week | Posted 03.23.2016 | Business
Advertising Week

By Paige Samson, VP, Ketchum Sports and Entertainment With the evolution of the content landscape -- particularly over the past 10 years -- there has...

Is Supreme the World's Most Magnetic Brand Right Now?

Timo Kiuru | Posted 03.14.2016 | Business
Timo Kiuru

About two weeks ago I was standing in line on Lafayette street in New York. As most of my close friends know, I hate waiting in line.

Content Marketing: Downtime Is Golden Time

Advertising Week | Posted 03.07.2016 | Business
Advertising Week

By Kenneth Hein, Global Marketing Director, gyro There you are, sitting at the gate waiting for the flight attendant to call for priority seating....

Vice Launches Cable TV Channel, Forgets It's 2016

Joseph Anthony | Posted 03.01.2016 | Entertainment
Joseph Anthony

Sometimes great brands make some head-scratching decisions. Straight off the heels of their success with their weekly show on HBO, Vice is making a bo...

Everything You Didn't Know About Cheetos

Thrillist | Posted 03.02.2016 | Taste

By: Dan Gentile Credit: Dan Gentile/Thrillist Everyone knows what it's like to have their paws covered in Cheetos dust, but for most people th...

5 Digital Trends To Watch Out For In 2016

Sofia Katsali | Posted 02.25.2016 | Technology
Sofia Katsali

Nowadays users, or let's face it -- customers are not simply introduced to new products and services as they enter a physical store or browse the web....

North Star or Bright Shiny Object?

Peter Hubbell | Posted 02.24.2016 | Business
Peter Hubbell

How great brands lose their way chasing the next new thing. Once upon a time, just about every brand or businesses had an explicit vision for the fut...

Labor Of Love: How Brands Can Harness Fan Creativity

Advertising Week | Posted 02.23.2016 | Business
Advertising Week

By Christina McCausland, Assistant Cultural Analyst at TruthCo. The internet's sharing economy is a perfect tool for brands hoping to generate a lot ...

From Major Purpose to Major Profits: 5 Business Strategies Every Mission-Driven Entrepreneur Needs that Helped One Company Achieve Massive Success

Sherry Mirshahi-Totten | Posted 02.22.2016 | Business
Sherry Mirshahi-Totten

Ask the CEO and co-founder of SoapBox Soaps, David Simnick, to share his company's mission statement, and he might surprise you. The company creates s...

Florence At The Intersection Of Fashion & Tech

Sissi Johnson | Posted 02.19.2016 | Technology
Sissi Johnson

Florence. Home then to the birth of the Italian Renaissance and now to a "cultural and technological rebirth". The union of the fashion and technology...

The Big (Digital) Leak - And the Rise of the Creative Management Platform

AJ Hartnett | Posted 02.17.2016 | Business
AJ Hartnett

If it keeps on rainin', levee's goin' to break Led Zeppelin IV 1971 The digital ad business is in a bad place. Let's call it what it is, a crisis....

How Brands Benefit From A Think-Like-A-Journalist Mindset

Sachin Kamdar | Posted 02.12.2016 | Media
Sachin Kamdar

Your customers can smell advertorial from a mile away, hence the inception of unbiased brand journalism -- a service to your niche audience, which if done well, can turn into a healthy prospect list and thriving community.

Retail Chatter #11

June Haynes | Posted 02.11.2016 | Style
June Haynes

Will luxury travel experiences be competing with luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany's and Hermes? Or is this a trend in fashion like a pair of bell-bottom jeans?

Evolving Your Brand? Look Inwards.

Janet Odgis | Posted 02.10.2016 | Business
Janet Odgis

No brand is static. Even if key elements, such as a logo, remain familiar over the course of decades--think of the iconic Nike swoosh, which has been around since the early 1970s--it must still change, even subtly, in order to stay fresh and grow.