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Breast Cancer Survivor

A Message to President-Elect Trump

Fran Visco | Posted 12.05.2016 | Politics
Fran Visco

This month, I thought I would be writing about presenting an agenda to President-elect Clinton's transition team, with our suggestions for a plan to e...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Know the Facts!

SreyRam Kuy, MD | Posted 10.26.2016 | Women
SreyRam Kuy, MD

Hearing the words from your doctor "You have breast cancer" is a major fear after getting a mammogram for millions of women. Each year in the United...

Reconstruction After Breast Cancer

Barbara Jacoby | Posted 10.17.2016 | Healthy Living
Barbara Jacoby

At a recent luncheon with a fellow breast cancer survivor, my friend shared that her sister was in the process of making a determination about her bre...

Woman’s Mastectomy Tattoo Shows 'Cancer Doesn’t Always Leave The Last Mark'

The Huffington Post | Alanna Vagianos | Posted 10.12.2016 | Women

”To me it is a thing of beauty and every morning when I see it ― it’s like it’s for the first time ― it puts a smile on my face.” That’s...

Rising Above Cancer: How This Entrepreneur Chose To Live Life To The Fullest

Vicky Law | Posted 10.07.2016 | Business
Vicky Law

One of the last things you would think of is starting a business while battling a life threatening illness. Yet for Heidi Kelly there was a growing business in midst of 2 diagnoses of breast cancer, 4 surgeries, 4 rounds of chemo and 35 trips to the hospital.

A Breast Cancer Diagnosis For A 'Strong Woman'

Barbara Jacoby | Posted 09.19.2016 | Healthy Living
Barbara Jacoby

No matter how strong you may think she is, this is a life-changing event for her and whatever you can best offer her in this time of her need, she will be very grateful for the help, kindness and thoughtfulness.

An Inconvenient Truth: Implementing Solutions To Screening The Dense Breast To Avoid Winners And Losers

Nancy M. Cappello, Ph.D. | Posted 08.01.2016 | Healthy Living
Nancy M. Cappello, Ph.D.

Until the breast screening community embraces tailored screening for women with dense breast tissue to reduce risk of advanced disease, preventable fatalities will continue.

Looking For Worth In All The Wrong Places

Carol Bysiek | Posted 06.13.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Carol Bysiek

She said just two words, "Hey, Mom!" Her voice had that nonchalant tone of familiarity, of normalcy, of all things being just as they should. I'd hea...

How To Tell Your Kids You Have Cancer

Lisa Johnson Smith | Posted 06.06.2016 | Black Voices
Lisa Johnson Smith

"Mrs. Smith, you have breast cancer." Pure shock overcame me. Those aren't words I thought I'd ever hear in my lifetime.

Meet The Woman Walking 1,000 Miles Topless With Double Mastectomy Scars

Katie Tandy | Posted 05.05.2016 | Impact
Katie Tandy

Are you one of those people who have those, "Shit! I'm-suddenly-naked-in-the-middle-of-the -street-and-everyone-staring-how-did-I-get-here anxiety dre...

Pain and Breast Cancer

Barbara Jacoby | Posted 04.26.2017 | Healthy Living
Barbara Jacoby

The bottom line is that patients need to learn as much as possible when they receive a diagnosis of breast cancer and that includes pain management. Not all doctors are aware of the newest developments in this arena so if it falls outside of their particular area of expertise, it may become necessary for the patient to assist with their own treatment in this way.

Presidential Candidates Need a Plan to End Breast Cancer

Fran Visco | Posted 03.10.2017 | Politics
Fran Visco

The National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) wants to know what the candidates for President of the United States will do to end breast cancer. And we want you to know, also. Breast cancer is a political issue.

Cutting Through the Breast Cancer Clutter

Fran Visco | Posted 02.17.2017 | Science
Fran Visco

It can be overwhelming to someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer or for someone helping a loved one navigate the maze of information surrounding this disease. It is a new year, and unfortunately, we can expect 2016 to bring more sensational breast cancer headlines.

'Beauty After Breast Cancer': An Authentic, Breathtaking Look into the Lives of Survivors

Samantha Matcovsky | Posted 02.09.2017 | Home
Samantha Matcovsky

Her book, Beauty After Breast Cancer, which was released in mid-November 2015, is a gorgeous coffee table book with 38 narratives accompanied by extraordinary images of breast cancer survivors. The authentic stories are uplifting and comprehensive, while possessing the vital information one needs to know after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Why Do We Keep Telling Cancer Patients How to Feel and What to Do?

Nancy Stordahl | Posted 02.05.2017 | Healthy Living
Nancy Stordahl

For many, cancer or no cancer (including that child who's afraid of the dark), listening, validating and allowing genuine feelings to be felt and shared might be a more helpful and loving option.

Working Together in the World of Breast Cancer

Barbara Jacoby | Posted 01.25.2017 | Healthy Living
Barbara Jacoby

I understand that it is not easy to accomplish everything that we want within our individual programs but we knew that when we started our efforts. However, it is no different inside the world of breast cancer than it is inside any other group or organization.

Time to Get to the Real Work of Ending Breast Cancer

Fran Visco | Posted 12.11.2016 | Impact
Fran Visco

This past October, the National Breast Cancer Coalition highlighted our longtime theme of "action, not awareness" during Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

The Unique Way I Chose To Honor My Breasts Before My Double Mastectomy

Leslie Natasha Jackson | Posted 11.24.2016 | Women
Leslie Natasha Jackson

I never felt my breasts defined me or who I was as a woman. Rather, my breasts were a part of me. Losing my breasts has been a brutal process, but having the opportunity to honor that part of me in advance has helped me to move forward.

Another Side of Breast Cancer Awareness

Barbara Jacoby | Posted 11.02.2016 | Healthy Living
Barbara Jacoby

While many are honored during October for being survivors, there is another whole group who will never be able to even be counted in the survivor group because they were never in a position to either seek or receive help on so many levels and for so many reasons. No one person, group or organization can take on this disease alone.

She Was Told That She Was 'Too Young for a Mammogram'

Diane L. Danois, J.D. | Posted 10.23.2016 | Women
Diane L. Danois, J.D.

I share this story today as a tribute to Jennifer and as a shout-out to those individuals and organizations supporting the new guidelines for mammography, which propose conducting screening mammography later in life and with less frequency.

The Missing Conversation in Pinktober: Emotional Scars of Breast Cancer

Uzma Yunus | Posted 10.22.2016 | Healthy Living
Uzma Yunus

After a year and half of intensive treatments, I was handed broken pieces of my existence and told to go rebuild what I had lost. My mastectomy scar has certainly healed, but have I?

We Seek Comfort in October, but What Are We Doing to Stop Breast Cancer?

Jeanne Rizzo | Posted 10.20.2016 | Women
Jeanne Rizzo

I envision a world in which we live without fear of losing our breasts or our lives as a result of what we've eaten, touched or breathed because the environmental causes of breast cancer have been identified and eliminated.

I Am Bald. I Am A Woman. And I Am Single

Leslie Natasha Jackson | Posted 10.15.2016 | Women
Leslie Natasha Jackson

If I have learned anything from all of this it is patience and to live in the present. As it is, my hair will grow back and I will look differently to others. Appearances aside, I do know I am a woman who is stronger and more beautiful than I was before I was diagnosed a year and half ago.

How I Went From Breast Cancer Survivor To Thriver

Diana M. Raab | Posted 10.13.2016 | Fifty
Diana M. Raab

I'll also never forget the words my surgeon uttered back in 2001 when he told me of my diagnosis of DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). 'If this experience doesn't rivet you, nothing will. You'll never look at life in the same way.' He was right.

Breast Cancer Deadline 2020: Deadlines Drive Action -- Join Us

Fran Visco | Posted 10.08.2016 | Healthy Living
Fran Visco

Knowing how to end breast cancer by 2020 is achievable -- with the right amount of passion, leadership and funding. It will take all of us working together to change years of incremental progress and to close out this decade with unparalleled achievement.