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Sarah Barness   |   September 26, 2013    2:51 PM ET

Dogs don't usually ride sleds, but this one deserves a team of sled dogs of his own.

Also, nice sweater and booties. It really completes your look.

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  |   September 16, 2013    5:03 PM ET

This English bulldog will let nothing stand between him and that chair. It's like watching doggy gymnastics!

According to the Dog Breed Info Center, English bulldogs can be a bit dominating, and those that show a predilection for guarding the furniture might be displaying their place as pack leader.

Hopefully this guy is just trying to get comfy!

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  |   November 30, 2012   10:42 AM ET

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Redshirt freshman Kyle Dranginis scored a season high 30 points, and five other Gonzaga players scored in double figures as the 12th-ranked Bulldogs coasted to a 104-57 victory over Lewis-Clark State College on Thursday night.

Przemek Karnowski scored 16 points, Sam Dower and David Stockton had 13 each and Kelly Olynk added 11 points and 10 rebounds for his first career double-double for Gonzaga (7-0). Drew Barnham, a junior transfer from Memphis, had 11 points for his first double-figure game with the Bulldogs.

WATCH: Bulldog LOVES Trampoline

Christine Friar   |   September 19, 2012    9:14 AM ET

Mudd the Bulldog may not look like the most agile creature out there, but just wait until you see him on a trampoline.

When he's up there he's about as active as they come: flipping, jumping, barking our ears off.

And sure, he may not want to share the toy with his family, but when you look this cute something tells us people won't have a problem letting it slide.

Via Buzzfeed

Grumpy Bulldog Puppy Is Grumpy

Christine Friar   |   August 23, 2012   12:42 PM ET

You probably wouldn't guess it by looking at him, but Bentley the 8-week-old English Bulldog has a lot of stuff on his mind. Heavy stuff. Stuff he needs to work out without you bothering him.

Just look at what happens when his mom tries to get playful with him. Full-on angst, man.

Sometimes you just need a night in with your bedroom door closed and a Dashboard Confessional album playing. We feel you, Bentley.

Via Buzzfeed

Andrea Rael   |   June 20, 2012   11:15 PM ET

Four months and over 500 miles later, Chumley the bulldog is finally back with his family in Colorado.

"We're so thankful to those that found him," Rick Riddell, Chumley's owner said when he and his daughter Jenny were reunited with Chumley on Wednesday in Aurora.

"Otherwise we would've had to drive all the way to Kansas, and we would've done it," Riddell said, fondly rubbing Chumley behind the ears.

The Riddell's drove about four hours from their new home in Alamosa to pick up Chumley from the Colorado Animal Rescue Express (C.A.R.E.), the local non-profit organization that transported him and about 15 other animals looking for homes from high kill shelters and puppy mills in the region.

Riddell said they were lucky, because not only does he believe Chumley was stolen from his home in February, but he was able to claim him on the same day Bonner Springs Animal Control was going to put him to sleep.

"I came home from work one day and the gate was open. There was a latch, and no way he could have opened it, but the latch was open and he was gone," Riddell said. "They found him with road rash, like maybe he'd jumped out of a car -- he had a little limp, we don't know. So the microchip saved him."

Riddell added that Chumley underwent a thorough check before coming home and is in perfect health now.

C.A.R.E. co-owner Linda Fox said that she was overjoyed with their reunion.

"I am so happy for this family. He (Riddell) was crying, I was crying," Fox said laughing.

After disappearing from his home, Chumley wasn't seen again until June 7th when he was found on the side of the Kansas Turnpike laying under a tree.

Darath Smith, a dedicated Bonner Springs volunteer who helped find Chumley's family, told The Huffington Post that although Chumley was microchipped it wasn't much use at the time.

"Chumley was scanned and a microchip was found, but the information on it provided outdated information and all of the phone numbers were disconnected," Smith said. "I spent a day researching until I located the owner's son, who I called non-stop until he answered. When his owner found out, he was going to drive all the way here, but instead I told him that we could get Chumley on transports to Denver."

LOOK at adorable Chumley and his family reunion in Colorado:

Matt Ferner   |   June 15, 2012    9:07 AM ET

Chumley, an English Bulldog mix from Colorado who was found hundreds of miles away in Kansas last week, is finally headed home, according to Fox4KC.

Chumley is lucky too -- he'd been missing for four months and would have been put to sleep this week if it weren't for a dedicated animal rescue volunteer who tracked down the dog's family.

Darath Smith, the volunteer who helped find Chumley's family, told The Huffington Post that Chumley was found on the side of the Kansas Turnpike, leaning up against a fence and was taken to Bonner Animal Rescue on June 7th. When the dog was examined, it was discovered that he was microchipped, but it wasn't much use. "Chumley was scanned and a microchip was found, but the information on it provided outdated information and all of the phone numbers were disconnected," Smith said. "I spent a day researching until I located the owner's son, who I called non-stop until he answered. When his owner found out, he was going to drive all the way here, but instead I told him that we could get Chumley on transports to Denver."

According to Smith, the bulldog mix is currently staying with a friend of hers at a local rescue until he leaves sometime next week to go back home. Chumley will be transported by PetEx, a Kansas City, MO-based transport service for rescued animals, out of Kansas City so he can get back to Colorado with his family.

Smith told The Huffington Post that Chumley went missing out of his backyard in Colorado in February and had not been seen since. It still remains unclear how Chumley made it all the way from Colorado to Bonner Springs, Kansas -- Bonner Springs is in eastern Kansas and even from the eastern Colorado state border, Chumley would have had to travel almost the entire length of the state -- that's more than 400 miles.

LOOK: A photo of Chumley doing much better.
chumley the dog

It's not the first time a Colorado pet has mysteriously wound up hundreds of miles away from its family. Back in 2011, a Boulder family was reunited with their Labrador mix named Buster Brown, who had gone missing seven months prior and turned up more than 1,200 miles away in an animal shelter in Salinas, California, CBS4 reported. Buster Brown was also microchipped which helped lead the animal shelter to Buster's family.

And just three months later in 2011, a calico cat named Willow, who had disappeared from her Boulder, Colo. home was found on a Manhattan street more than 1,600 miles away, according to The Associated Press. And even more incredibly, Willow had been missing for more than five years.

UPDATE: Darath Smith contacted The Huffington Post after publication to provide further detail on Chumley. We've updated the story with her observations.

LOOK: Photos of Willow the cat reunited with her family in Boulder, Colo. after going missing for years.

Laura Hibbard   |   February 15, 2012   12:30 PM ET

We had no idea that the newest, most effective, way to deal with a bad breakup had gone interspecial. Forget the six Grammys and inspiring performance, this is something Adele should truly be proud of.

According to the video, Rocco is usually a "very happy dog," but on this particular day he seemed depressed.

To help him get in touch with his emotions, his owner turned on Adele's weep-inducing ballad "Someone Like You," while the pup stared at himself in a mirror.

And, while his musically-timed howls are endearing and make us want to give him a hug, they still beg the question: Why so glum, Rocco?

It seems like bulldogs everywhere are getting in touch with their softer sides.

Last week, Baby, a French bulldog, adopted six wild boar piglets after they were rescued and brought to the Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin.

Sanctuary worker Norbert Damm told the Guardian that Baby ran over and snuggled the shivery piglets to keep them warm even though they were almost as big as her.

Rocco seems to have a loving home despite his momentary depression, but if you'd like to help other sad dogs in need, visit


Friday Photo: (Wo)man's Best Friend

Kirsten Alana   |   January 6, 2012    8:30 AM ET

As a solo female traveler, I've had my share of lonely moments on the road. Though I prefer the freedom to go wherever and whenever I please, it doesn't mean I don't once in a while long for company. One day strolling the beach in a small lake town, I came across this darling, and the moment of loneliness I was caught up in very quickly evaporated. How could it not when this face smiled up at me?


That brief encounter taught me a bit of a lesson. Dogs aren't referred to as Man's Best Friend for no reason. Now, when I can between trips, I look for opportunities to dog-sit and spend time with my best friend's dog.

My nomadic lifestyle doesn't yet lend itself to owning a pet of my own, but I can certainly still give and receive love on a shorter-term basis. It's an incredible cure-all. Dogs are wonderful companions, giving far more than I suspect they ever get in return.

Do you have a dog? Have an adopted favorite pet of a friend? The first #FriFotos theme of 2012 has gone to the dogs, and we would really enjoy it if you shared your canine images and stories on Twitter. Rules are here if you're confused as to how it all works! I'll see you, and your furry friends, on Twitter.

WATCH: Bulldog Gets Licked By NYPD Horse

Christine Friar   |   September 4, 2011   11:42 AM ET

If you're an NYPD horse, you spend a lot of your day around people. And they may be cool or whatever, but they're not exactly cute. So when you come across a dog -- a baby-sized one -- and he lets you give him kisses, you're gonna go to town.

That's exactly what happens in this video. And at first the dog seems like he might not be too into it, but just watch his little face once it's time to go. Clearly he's made a new best friend. Who says New Yorkers aren't friendly?


Via Buzzfeed

WATCH: Bulldog Thinks He's An Elephant

Christine Friar   |   August 30, 2011    1:49 PM ET

Fred the English bulldog may not know many things in this world, but he knows he can make the sound that comes out of the TV every time a certain paper towel ad plays.

Just don't tell him the sound is really coming from an elephant. We don't want to dash his dreams.


Via The Daily What

WATCH: French Bulldog LOVES Water Guns

Christine Friar   |   July 8, 2011    9:29 AM ET

Bruno the French Bulldog loves water guns. A lot. So much so that he's going to try and drink every last drop of water squirted in his presence even if he has to look like kind of crazy in the process.

And you know what? We support him. Sometimes we don't pick our passions in this life, they choose us. So keep on fighting the good fight, Bruno. We'll be behind you (with a camera).


Via Have You Seen This?

  |   July 1, 2011   11:31 AM ET

These dogs are straight-up Gs.

Watch as two little bulldogs seem completely indifferent to the fact that they're on swings, hanging out without even trying to wiggle free. Either that or they're scared stiff, we can't really tell.

Either way, this Japanese video makes us wish we were as cool as these two.

They're just chillin'.

Come on, you know the internet was made for this sort of thing.


JIMMY GOLEN   |   November 20, 2010    9:50 PM ET

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Harvard receiver Marco Iannuzzi had an extra incentive to avoid being tackled on Saturday: He was playing with a broken collarbone, and he knew that the wrong hit could prematurely end his college career.

So when Iannuzzi cut for the left sideline on the opening kickoff of the second half, he was just trying to keep himself and the Crimson in The Game.