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Living In The Black The Huffington Post

High School Football Players Say They Were Victims Of Racist Prank

Dear White Feminists, You Cannot Afford To Ignore Women Of Color Any Longer

Freedom Fighter: A Slaving Society And An Abolitionist's Crusade

'I Am Not Afraid To Die': Why America Will Never Be The Same Post-Ferguson

Ferguson Children Sent Inspiring And Educational Gift

WATCH: These Guys Explain 'Diet Racism'

Dancer Gives Back To His Community One Tap At A Time

Obama Calls Michael Brown Tragedy 'Heartbreaking'

This Is Why Angela Bassett Always Looks So Good!

5 Ways To Decompress From The Stress Of Traveling

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Who Should Black Americans Side With?

How This Mother Refused To Be Merely A 'Statistic'

The Perfect To Keep A Sexy Bod And Still Enjoy Your Vacation

Documentary Filmmaker: 'Eric Garner Was Lynched'

How School Suspensions Can Punish You For A Lifetime

'As A Black Person, I Want Less Encounters With The Police Not Friendlier Ones'

Comedian Confronts Violence With New Initiative

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