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Cage Free

Cage-Free Hens Do NOT Have The Great Life You Think They Do

The Huffington Post | Julie R. Thomson | Posted 10.17.2016 | Taste

Buying eggs at the grocery store can be an anxiety-inducing task. There are a plethora of options, all touting one humane label or another. Cage-free,...

It's Getting Even Harder To Ignore The Cage-Free Egg Movement

The Huffington Post | Alexander C. Kaufman | Posted 01.04.2016 | Business

Wendy's is the latest fast-food chain to set a four-year deadline for using only eggs laid by hens raised outside cages. The company, known for its sq...

Why It's Taking Companies So Long To Switch To Cage-Free Eggs

The Huffington Post | Alexander C. Kaufman | Posted 12.28.2015 | Business

At the world’s largest fast-food chain, ending the use of eggs laid by caged hens will be a 15-year process. Subway said Monday that it will switch ...

Nestle's Making A Big Change

Reuters | Erin Schumaker | Posted 12.22.2015 | Taste

Nestle SA said on Tuesday it will stop using eggs laid by caged hens in its U.S. products by 2020, making it the largest packaged food company to go c...

More Progress Toward a Cage-Free Future

Wayne Pacelle | Posted 12.02.2016 | Green
Wayne Pacelle

Today, Post Holdings and its subsidiary Michael Foods--one of the world's largest egg companies, and perhaps the largest egg supplier for America's r...

This Is What All Those Confusing Food Labels Really Mean

The Huffington Post | Julie R. Thomson | Posted 10.05.2015 | Taste

The grocery store aisles are littered with options these days, and those thousands of products are covered in food labels. Most of them feel pretty se...

All Those Confusing Egg Carton Labels, Explained In One Infographic

The Huffington Post | Julie R. Thomson | Posted 11.15.2015 | Taste

Picking up a dozen eggs at the store has never been more confusing, thanks to the ever-growing list of egg carton labels. Some of them mean nothing, s...

Urban Chicken Farm Fantasy, Menopause, and my Carbon Footprint

Belinda Waymouth | Posted 07.23.2013 | Green
Belinda Waymouth

The idea is to eat food with fewer unidentifiable ingredients, and ease up on pollution while doing so -- because skipping off to Whole Foods and buying organic is no longer the answer.

WATCH: What 'Cage-Free' And 'Free-Range' Actually Mean

Posted 03.14.2013 | Green

Cage-free eggs are pretty commonplace on supermarket shelves. But if you imagine they must come from a bunch of chickens roaming around the farmyard p...

Will Yours Be a Sustainable Super Bowl Sunday?

Andrew Gunther | Posted 04.04.2012 | Home
Andrew Gunther

No one takes health and fitness more seriously than today's top football players. So isn't it kind of absurd that as we watch Sunday's game we will all be bombarded by advertisements for some of the unhealthiest junk food imaginable?

Cage-Free Campaign Takes Wing in Washington State

Wayne Pacelle | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Wayne Pacelle

Today, a coalition filed a proposed initiative petition in Washington state to halt the use of battery cage confinement in egg production.There is a commercially viable alternative: cage-free production.

Accidentally Killed: The Next Frontier In Humane Farming

Mike Condrick | Posted 05.25.2011 | Comedy
Mike Condrick

No matter how you do it, slaughtering animals is murder. If it's intentional. So Lucky Farms decided to just set up some dangerous situations and... you know... look the other way.

Eco-Food Buzz Words: What Do They Mean? (PHOTOS)

Huffington Post | Gazelle Emami | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green

Local. Organic. Cage Free. Free Range. What does it all mean? It's easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of labels out there for your food, a...