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Cannes 2016 Shingerview: Marc Mathieu, Samsung

Cannes 2016 Shingerview: Marc Mathieu, Samsung

David Shing  07. 6.2016
"More and more we are seeing a trend where people want immersive experiences .. it's not just here is my product buy it, it's here is my...

Cannes 2016 Shingerview: Jess Glynne, Grammy Award Winning Artist

David Shing  06.29.2016
"Music consistently inspires me. All different genres. Growing up listening to soul records, R&B, pop.. Life inspires me to write. People...

Cannes 2016 Shingerview: Gary Vaynerchuk, VaynerMedia

David Shing  06.28.2016
"I think you have people that are hardcore math and people that are hardcore art. I think they both matter tremendously, and the holy...