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Rated SR - the Socially Relevant Film Festival: a Promising Start at the Quad

Rated SR - the Socially Relevant Film Festival: a Promising Start at the Quad

Organized by genre, theme and country of origin, the different sessions brought a diverse and eye-opening group of over fifty films from...

Award-winning Short Films by NYU Grads to Screen in Fort Lauderdale

I'm an NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development grad and a new member of the South Florida club, so I wanted...

Mahamat-Saleh Haroun: Cannes Juror, Exceptional Filmmaker

At this year's Dubai International Film Festival, I had the privilege of sitting with Mahamat-Saleh Haroun for a talk.

100-Man Fight Tells the Story of Judd Reid and the Real Life Kumite

Every once in a great while a story comes along that defies our collective imagination, forcing us to recalibrate the limits of the human...

Five Lessons to Be Learned From International TV

After quite a few years of attending TV markets, I can honestly say -- it's great fun. You learn a lot during the meetings at the stands...
ReThink Review: <i>Like Father, Like Son</i> -- A Realistic Take on Babies Switched at Birth

ReThink Review: Like Father, Like Son -- A Realistic Take on Babies Switched at Birth

The premise of children being switched at birth seems more like a relic of fables, legends, and lazily written comedies and soap operas....

Best of 2014 Palm Springs International Film Festival

The recently completed 25th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival, with almost 200 features and most of the Academy Award submissions...

'The Shawati' Interviews': When I Saw You Filmmaker Annemarie Jacir

"Listen to your heart. If my films can touch one person and maybe give them the feeling that they don't have to be swallowed up by this...
'True Master' Picked To Lead Cannes Jury

'True Master' Picked To Lead Cannes Jury

01. 7.2014
PARIS (AP) — Director Jane Campion, the only woman to have won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival, will lead the jury for the...

How to Keep Film Festivals Relevant

Film festivals are a major industry. There are thousands of film festivals across the globe and many pay good money for a premiere film,...

Live From the Dubai International Film Festival: Saturday, Dec. 7

12. 7.2013
The fact that this festival tends to focus on and celebrate films from the Arab world also makes it unique. I've already put together a...

ReThink Review: Inside Llewyn Davis -- Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Not to Like It)

12. 6.2013
After being outsiders, the Coens are in the strange position of having critics seemingly tripping over each other to lionize whatever they...

Will Forte Can't Believe He's in Nebraska

12. 4.2013
Will Forte didn't worry about getting the role in Alexander Payne's "Nebraska" because he assumed he didn't have a chance.

Interview: Bruce Dern Speaks... and Speaks

In one sense, actor Bruce Dern is an interviewer's dream: He's pithy, quotable and voluble. In another sense, Dern is an interviewer's...