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PHOTOS: Ohio's First Casino Opens

AP | THOMAS J. SHEERAN | Posted 05.15.2012 | Travel

CLEVELAND -- After five statewide votes over 20 years, Ohio is getting its first casino. Horseshoe Casino Cleveland opens to the public at 9:30 p.m. ...

Quinn Calls Gambling Bill A 'Distraction' As Sponsor Lobbies For Debate

Posted 05.14.2012 | Chicago

Democratic Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is calling the push by some state legislators to vote on gambling legislation a "distraction," but isn't stopping t...

Not Everyone Wants A Casino In Their Neighborhood

AP | BOB SALSBERG | Posted 06.22.2012 | Business

WALPOLE, Mass. (AP) — Mike McCarthy's home is about as close to the site of a proposed resort casino in Foxborough as you can possibly get, but as t...

Ron Dicker

NFL Plays Ball With Gambling Industry | Ron Dicker | Posted 04.16.2012 | Business

Despite the NFL's vocal opposition to betting on its games, the league's move to allow teams to accept casino ads has generated a great, big ... ho-hu...

Annemarie Dooling

Does Atlantic City Need A New Resort? | Annemarie Dooling | Posted 05.09.2012 | Travel

At the far end of the boardwalk, past a line of squat, peeling buildings, there's no missing it. The tall glass tower of Revel, Atlantic City's latest...

Casinos for Florida? Let the People Decide

Roger Stone | Posted 05.19.2012 | Miami
Roger Stone

Ironically, Walt Disney World and the Seminole Indian Tribe have been the fiercest and most outspoken opponents of legal, regulated gaming coming to Florida. Whose ox is being gored?

PHOTOS: Touring The Caribbean's Best Highways

Dwight Brown | Posted 05.22.2012 | Travel
Dwight Brown

Sometimes Puerto Rico feels like a Caribbean island, other times more like America's 51st state.

Cuomo Wins With His Pension Deal

Dominic Carter | Posted 05.16.2012 | New York
Dominic Carter

If I told you during the campaign that Governor Andrew Cuomo would have major, unprecedented first-year accomplishments, and then would set the bar high in year two, wouldn't you ask what was in my coffee?

Casino VP: 'Problem Gamblers Make For Lousy Customers'

AP | WAYNE PARRY | Posted 02.27.2012 | Business

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- As lost weekends go, this one was a doozy. The woman and her longtime boyfriend, regular Atlantic City gamblers, lost $100,000...

Casino Industry Accounts For Significant Slice Of U.S. Economy: Study

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 02.08.2012 | Business

As the U.S. economy sagged, gambling was there to try and prop it up. At least that's the finding of the American Gaming Association. The trade ass...

The Moral Case for Gambling

Jonathan_Miller | Posted 03.28.2012 | Politics

Accordingly, my support for gay marriage and legalized marijuana is not reliant on an "anything goes" worldview, but rather that these policies would fundamentally strengthen society and better address its public moral needs. The same holds true for my philosophy toward gambling.

Ron Dicker

Presidential Candidates Hedge Bets on Gambling Policy | Ron Dicker | Posted 01.20.2012 | Business

The debate over gambling has taken a backseat in the presidential race, but experts say it is bound to emerge. As the economy sputters, the elected pr...

U.S. States Race To Build Casinos As They Scramble For Revenue

AP | By DAVID B. CARUSO | Posted 01.15.2012 | Business

NEW YORK -- A Malaysian company's plan to build a $4 billion convention center and big-time casino on the outskirts of New York City could be the bigg...

All Out: Nevada's Biggest Casinos' Saw A Boost In Losses In 2011

AP | Posted 01.06.2012 | Business

CARSON CITY, Nev. -- Nevada's largest casinos suffered a combined $4 billion loss in 2011. A report released Friday by the state Gaming Control Board...


AP | MICHAEL GORMLEY | Posted 03.06.2012 | New York

ALBANY, N.Y. — A privately funded plan to build the nation's biggest convention center in New York City with 3,000 hotel rooms and an inside tra...

Chris Christie: New Jersey Should Be Online Gambling's 'Epicenter'

Posted 01.05.2012 | Business

New Jersey's legislature has briefly delayed a vote on a bill that would legalize online gambling but Governor Chris Christie said the state shoul...

Ron Dicker

Online Casinos: Not So Fast | Ron Dicker | Posted 01.04.2012 | Business

The Justice Department may have paved the way for Internet gambling, but that doesn't mean everything will come up aces for online poker players. Thos...

Ron Dicker

Do Sports Teams And Casinos Mix? | Ron Dicker | Posted 12.22.2011 | Business

The New England Patriots and Florida Panthers are seeking financial victories where many states do these days -- in casino construction. Both sports f...

Ron Dicker

Newfangled Slot Machines Hit Jackpot | Ron Dicker | Posted 12.22.2011 | Business

More than a million slot machines inhale $1 billion a day in American casinos. Apparently that's not enough. The machines are undergoing a revoluti...

The Spiritual Jackpot

Robert Koehler | Posted 02.14.2012 | Home
Robert Koehler

The topic was "Indians of the Midwest" and the professor was knowledgeable and conveyed serious respect for Native culture, but something kept gnawing at me as she talked.

Ron Dicker

Sucker's Bet? Cash-Strapped States Double-Down On Gambling | Ron Dicker | Posted 12.14.2011 | Business

Gambling is on a roll. Faced with mounting budget deficits, more states are expanding gambling options and loosening restrictions in a grab for revenu...

Remembering People on the Other Side of the Economic Table

Don McNay | Posted 02.12.2012 | Business
Don McNay

As dad was dishing out food to homeless people, he was approached by a nun "What do you do for a living?" "I'm a gambler," replied my father. "Joe, this is the first time we ever had a gambler on THIS side of the table." Problem gambling has pushed a lot of people into poverty.

Is Miami Ready for a Full House?

Vanessa Brito | Posted 01.31.2012 | Miami
Vanessa Brito

While Miamians have traditionally opposed gambling, Genting's bling has turned a lot of heads and eased their fears. They say "Gambling is already here," "A big casino will bring jobs."

Ron Dicker

New Push To Legalize Sports Betting Could Pay Off | Ron Dicker | Posted 12.01.2011 | Business

New Jersey State Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D) apparently likes to bet on the underdog. He compares his fight to legalize sports-wagering to David and Goli...

PHOTOS: 9 Casinos With World-Class Food

The Daily Meal | Posted 01.22.2012 | Travel
The Daily Meal

With high-stakes gambling comes expertly crafted cocktails, white-glove service, and fine dining in gilded rooms. But even non-high rollers need to eat, and here are nine places to indulge on a winning night at the tables.