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Child Abuse

2 Accused Of Abusing 11-Year-Old Boy

AP | Posted 08.28.2014 | Crime

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (AP) -- Authorities say a man and his mother used plumber's tape to keep an 11-year-old boy restrained for several hours at a time ...

Freedom from Religion

Karl Wilder | Posted 08.21.2014 | New York
Karl Wilder

Photo: Artist Alan May and myself at an event for the SF Food Bank (photo by Blodwen Tarter) I wrote "Losing My Religion" a scant 48 hours ago. Much...

The Harrowing Story Of A Former Indian Street Child

OWN | Posted 08.21.2014 | OWN

When Satender Sharma was 13 years old, he had to make a frightening choice: continuing living with his abusive father, or run away and attempt to surv...

Judge Calls Child Rapist A Vile 'Bitch'

The Huffington Post | David Lohr | Posted 08.20.2014 | Crime

A Georgia judge had tough words for a woman who pleaded guilty to helping her boyfriend rape and molest her two young daughters. "I don't know that...

Losing My Religion

Karl Wilder | Posted 08.21.2014 | New York
Karl Wilder

I don't remember the first time Bob hit me. My life was suffering. Our entire family suffered. When the abuse was not physical it was verbal, mental and all-consuming. I learned the commandments and the Lord's prayer, and always I prayed.

Graphic Details Emerge In Boy Allegedly Battered To Death By Mom, Her Boyfriend

AP | Posted 08.19.2014 | Crime

PALMDALE, Calif. (AP) -- Graphic grand jury testimony reveals details of the abuse suffered by an 8-year-old Los Angeles County boy allegedly battered...

Education for the World We Want (Part 1)

Suna Senman | Posted 08.15.2014 | Education
Suna Senman

How does a society that teaches preschoolers to play well, share toys and not hit raise highly educated leaders to justify revenge, invade countries and develop weapons to kill?

Spare the Love, Spoil the Child

Kiri Westby | Posted 08.14.2014 | Parents
Kiri Westby

As a young parent in today's world, I worry about over-doing it and I worry about under-doing it, constantly walking a tightrope of give and take... so I thought I'd examine what it means to actually "spoil a child."

Man Who Inflicted 'Reign Of Terror' On Girlfriend's Toddler Sentenced

AP | Posted 08.14.2014 | Crime

BRENTWOOD, N.H. (AP) -- A man accused of inflicting a "reign of terror" on his girlfriend's 3-year-old son before fleeing to a Florida amusement park ...

Fugitive Minnesota Cult Leader Spotted In Washington

The Huffington Post | David Lohr | Posted 08.14.2014 | Crime

Authorities in Washington say they have received a "credible tip" as to the location of Victor Barnard, the leader of a cult-like religious sect who i...

Robin Williams... and My Dad

Rev. Chuck Currie | Posted 08.12.2014 | Religion
Rev. Chuck Currie

The shocking news about Robin Williams' apparent suicide isn't really shocking so much as it is commonplace. In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control reported 39,518 suicides, which makes suicide the 10th leading cause of death for Americans.

Mom Allegedly Put Baby In Trash, Stuffed Tampon Applicator In Mouth

The Huffington Post | Hilary Hanson | Posted 08.08.2014 | Crime

An Indianapolis mother who police say left her newborn in a trash can to die allegedly told investigators she “was confused” when she abandoned th...

Girls Trapped In Filthy Home For 3 Years While Couple Played World Of Warcraft

The Huffington Post | Hilary Hanson | Posted 08.08.2014 | Crime

A couple in Fullerton, California, who kept two girls locked inside a mobile home for three years was convicted on multiple charges Tuesday. Petra...

What Do the Children Need?

Genevieve Piturro | Posted 08.11.2014 | Impact
Genevieve Piturro

We are getting a crystal clear understanding of the world these children live in. We're asking two key questions -- and the answers are providing insights that are more profound than we imagined.

Authorities Say Couple Beat, Starved 12-Year-Old Girl

The Huffington Post | David Lohr | Posted 08.06.2014 | Crime

Allegations of child abuse have rattled a New York City neighborhood after police revealed that an emaciated 12-year-old was beaten and starved for mo...

Views From Down Under -- Trauma

Fiona Werle-Schupp | Posted 08.04.2014 | Healthy Living
Fiona Werle-Schupp

I recently attended a trauma workshop for therapists and what I took from this session really made me sit up and take note. Australia is holding a Roy...

To Show Her 'She Was Loved,' 150 Strangers Attend Funeral For Baby Who Was Starved To Death

The Huffington Post | Eleanor Goldberg | Posted 08.08.2014 | Impact

A baby who died in a dark, dank apartment was honored on Thursday with a bright service attended mostly by strangers who wanted to at least give the a...

Child Abuse, Statutory Rape, Modern Day Slavery or Prostitution?

Monique Tinglin | Posted 07.24.2014 | Impact
Monique Tinglin

From the streets of New York City, to the villages of Kenya, children, particularly young girls, need protection from sexual predators. The time for action is now.

Woman Convicted In Starvation Death Of 10-Year-Old Stepson

AP | Posted 07.23.2014 | Crime

DALLAS (AP) — A North Texas jury took less than an hour to find a woman guilty Tuesday in the 2011 starvation death of her 10-year-old stepson. The...

The Fastest-Growing Global Criminal Activity Is More Disturbing Than You Think

The Huffington Post | Sara Boboltz | Posted 07.22.2014 | Impact

At least 100,000 children are estimated to be sexually exploited each year.

Mom, Grandparents, Nearly Starved Boy To Death: Cops

AP | Posted 07.21.2014 | Crime

GREENVILLE, Pa. (AP) -- A 7-year-old boy was nearly starved to death, suffered regular beatings and resorted to catching insects to eat during brief t...

Betrayal of Trust: 3 Ways We Can Begin to Protect Our Children from Pedophiles and Abusers

Harry Leibowitz | Posted 07.17.2014 | Impact
Harry Leibowitz

Clearly, our legal and policing systems have not kept up with the explosion of materials and the ease of access that modern electronic communications have provided to those with a predilection to abuse children.

3 Things That Can Help Stressed-Out Parents

Mary L. Pulido, Ph.D. | Posted 07.15.2014 | Parents
Mary L. Pulido, Ph.D.

We will never know if these services would have helped the parents and babies that I referenced earlier, but they could help others.

Abuse Against Disabled Children -- Courts Allow It

Shayna A. Pitre | Posted 07.15.2014 | Education
Shayna A. Pitre

Some people support corporal punishment in schools. These people think physical discipline is the only discipline that works on some children. However, virtually everyone can agree physical discipline should not be used against disabled children.

Abuse Allegations Still Plague Religious Homes for Troubled Teens

Maurice Chammah | Posted 07.11.2014 | Impact
Maurice Chammah

Though attitudes about appropriate disciplinary practices for children have certainly shifted over the last decade and a half, the debate on them is hardly closed.