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Child Prodigy

14-Year-Old's Unbelievable Van Halen Cover

Posted 07.23.2013 | Entertainment

Today in awesome things from the internet? Tina, a 14-year-old, absolutely nails a cover of Van Halen's "Eruption." Trained by Renaud Louis-Servai...

WATCH: You Won't Believe What This 8-Year-Old Drummer Can Do

Posted 05.20.2013 | Arts

Hidden behind the drum kit in this Sum 41 soundcheck video is an 8-year-old by the name of Jonah Rocks. According to his Facebook page, the tiny, tena...

WATCH: Will This 14-Year-Old With Asperger's Syndrome Win The Nobel Prize?

Posted 05.13.2013 | Good News

When Jacob Barnett was 2 years old, he was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism. Doctors told his parents that the boy would likely never talk or ...

Meet Apoorva Mali, A 7-Year-Old Magician

Posted 04.24.2013 | Arts

Meet Apoorva Mali, a 7-year-old child prodigy from Mangalore, India. No, she doesn't play the cello or demonstrate an proclivity for abstract art. The...

6-Year-Old Drumming Prodigy Performs 'Hot For Teacher'

Posted 03.27.2013 | Arts

Meet Avery Molek, a 6-year-old drummer who's currently experiencing his 15 minutes of YouTube fame. In a video making the rounds online this week, the...

11-Year-Old Cellist Becomes Documentary Star

Posted 03.18.2013 | Arts

At a height of just over five feet tall, an instrument like the cello nearly eclipses the body of 11-year-old child prodigy Malik Kofi. But that doesn...

5-Year-Old Child Prodigy Headed To Carnegie Hall

Posted 03.14.2013 | Arts

"Music is in my head," piano prodigy Ryan Wang explained to the Vancouver Sun in a recent video. The 5-year-old is making a name for himself with his ...

Are You College-Age?

Susan Henking | Posted 05.09.2013 | College
Susan Henking

To be college-age, like being a college student more generally, is a historical phenomenon: neither stable nor ever entirely new. American higher education began with no age requirement.

Four-Year-Old 'Child Prodigy' Adorably Bangs On Instrument

Posted 03.05.2013 | Arts

Like most 4-year-olds, little Tyler Clemons enjoys banging on objects around the home. So what separates him from the rest of his destruction-prone pe...

This 6-Year-Old Break Dancer Will Blow Your Mind

Posted 03.07.2013 | Arts

A 6-year-old break dance prodigy named "B-girl Terra" is putting all adult dancers to shame in a new video posted to YouTube. Last weekend, the min...

The Art of Losing

Khanh Ho | Posted 04.16.2013 | Home
Khanh Ho

Perhaps I was destined to grow into an expert -- an expert of loss. Perhaps that is why I even managed to lose, at such a tender age, something that another human being found unforgettable, so much so, that she kept it to her breast.

WATCH 17-Month-Old Boy Drives Golf Balls Like A Pro

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 01.28.2013 | Sports

This 17-month-old boy goes by "Peanut," and the Internet is going crazy over how he can crack a golf ball. In this YouTube video titled "Golf Baby,...

WATCH: 12-Year-Old Sprinter Hailed As Next Usain Bolt

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 12.13.2012 | Sports

James Gallaugher, a 12-year-old Australian, is being hailed the next Usain Bolt by some media outlets after a video began circulating of the young spr...

Talented Children: Blessing or Burden?

Vivian Diller, Ph.D. | Posted 02.11.2013 | Parents
Vivian Diller, Ph.D.

It seems like a nice problem to have; a gifted child with a seemingly promising future. But when -- and how much -- should a parent get involved? And when should they get out of the way?

'Modern Family' Star Was How Old When He Graduated High School? (VIDEO)

Posted 10.12.2012 | Teen

At an age when most kids are graduating from middle school, 13-year-old Nolan Gould has not only starred on a hit TV show, but also graduated from hig...

Five Year Old Piano Prodigy Will Blow Your Mind

The Huffington Post | Hallie Sekoff | Posted 09.10.2012 | Arts

We've posted a slew of articles about child prodigies on our page recently. Obviously, these little geniuses are incredibly impressive. But this might...

Child Piano Prodigy Who Is Actually Likeable

The Huffington Post | Priscilla Frank | Posted 09.07.2012 | Arts

Is it just us, or do you also brace yourself for a minor existential crisis every time you gear up to read a story about a child prodigy? They all beg...

WATCH: Record-Setting Piano Prodigy Is Only 11!

The Huffington Post | Kia Makarechi | Posted 07.26.2012 | Entertainment

Ethan Bortnick is one of those children who are so talented they have to be seen to believed. The young pianist has already performed with the likes o...

Do Child Prodigies Owe Their Talents to Autism?

2012-07-03-slatelogo.jpg | Posted 07.11.2012 | Parents

Written by Katy Waldman for Slate A new, in-depth study of eight super-talented children, published in the journal Intelligence, suggests that auti...

WATCH: Meet The 9-Year-Old, Straight-A College Student

The Huffington Post | Jessica Samakow | Posted 07.06.2012 | Parents

Sacramento boy, Tanishq Abraham, is not your typical 9-year-old. "I like particle physics, anti-matter, the fate of the universe and the Big Bang," he...

WATCH: How Does This Wunderkind Do That?!

Posted 07.02.2012 | Parents

Nine-year-old Tom Spicer is something of a magician. Only instead of rabbits and hats, his tricks involve frat-boy favorites: ping-pong balls and plas...

JOIN THE DEBATE: Are Geniuses Born, Or Made?

Posted 12.15.2015 | Science

Note: The following article incorporates a "debate" feature that is no longer supported by The Huffington Post. You can explore the subject of genius...

WATCH: Four-Year-Old Art Prodigy [UPDATED]

Posted 08.06.2011 | Arts

[UPDATED: The Agora Gallery "charges an annual fee for its representation and promotion services," according to its website.] For most four-year-ol...

Literary Prodigies: Fran Lebowitz Said There Aren't Any...True? (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post | Zoe Triska | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home

Literary prodigies. In the Scorsese documentary on her, Fran Liebowitz claimed there weren't any, but we beg to differ. There's always Anne Frank, but...

16-Year-Old Prodigy Turned Down Ivies For Florida A&M

Posted 05.25.2011 | College

This year's crop of Florida A&M University freshman includes 16-year-old prodigy Ralph Jones Jr., who turned down a number of prestigious institutions...