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Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act

Kathleen Miles

New Law Gives Teens An Online 'Eraser Button' | Kathleen Miles | Posted 03.03.2014 | Los Angeles

California teens get an online "eraser button" under a law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday. The law makes California the first state to requir...

Was 2012 the Year of Privacy?

Hemanshu Nigam | Posted 01.04.2013 | Technology
Hemanshu Nigam

Privacy-based fears and concerns, legitimate or not, fueled many of the big privacy events in 2012. New technologies mean new privacy risks, and as technology continues to advance this coming year, we will see 2013 as the year of privacy on steroids.

Gerry Smith

Government To Parents: Your Kid's Favorite App May Know Too Much | Gerry Smith | Posted 02.09.2013 | Technology

Parents, that app your kid just downloaded may know more about him than you realize. Dozens of mobile apps for children are collecting and sharing...

4 Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Jeff Hindenach | Posted 01.08.2013 | Parents
Jeff Hindenach

While it's impossible to completely monitor everything your kids do online, these steps will help keep your kids safe and informed while they are on the web.

Cybersecurity Under the COPPA Cabana

Alex Palombo | Posted 12.03.2012 | Technology
Alex Palombo

It came to my attention looking through my own Facebook Timeline that children being born now could very well have their entire lives documented online -- from birth. Children are growing up online now and need security.

Could New Government Rules Jeopardize Children's Privacy and Safety?

Larry Magid | Posted 11.24.2012 | Technology
Larry Magid

Requiring that parents submit child's name and age to both the site operator and to the source of the embed, is a "remedy" that's more harmful than the disease it seeks to cure.

Unintended Consequences of FTC's New COPPA Children's Online Privacy Rules

Larry Magid | Posted 08.04.2012 | Technology
Larry Magid

While the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act is a well-intentioned law and the new proposed rules do bring it into the 21st century, there are unintended negative consequences.

Gerry Smith

Mobile Apps For Kids May Be Violating Privacy Law, FTC Finds | Gerry Smith | Posted 02.17.2012 | Technology

Dozens of mobile apps for kids, from alphabet and word games to flash cards and puzzles, do not disclose how they use children's personal data and may...

Protecting Children Online

Vernon Irvin | Posted 01.22.2012 | Technology
Vernon Irvin

Society has an obligation to protect our children and online safety for children should be a priority. We need a three-pronged approach to address this issue: policy changes; industry self-regulation; and more parental tools, monitoring and education.

Anna Almendrala

Kamala Harris Lays Down Some Rules On Children's Internet Use | Anna Almendrala | Posted 11.18.2011 | Los Angeles

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- "What u doin 2nite?" "IDK. BTW Snooki wants 2 hang TOM." "OMG WTF? total *facepalm* "hahahahaha" "DL. NALOPKT."...

Parents Helping Young Kids Lie to Get Past Facebook's Age Restrictions

Larry Magid | Posted 01.01.2012 | Technology
Larry Magid

In May, Consumer Reports revealed that there were 7.5 million kids younger than 13 using Facebook, including more than five million 10 and under. In every case these kids had to lie to get around Facebook's rule that you must be 13 or older to join.

Regulators Want Tougher Online Privacy Protections For Kids

L.A. Times | Posted 11.15.2011 | Technology

Federal regulators on Thursday proposed tougher privacy protections for preteens surfing the Internet as the government seeks to update safeguards put...

It's Time for Facebook to Grow Up

Jeff Fox | Posted 07.10.2011 | Technology
Jeff Fox

Children are at risk. Of the 20 million minors who actively used Facebook in the past year, 7.5 million -- or more than one-third -- were younger than 13.

Why Parents Should Both Monitor And Empower Kids Using Social Media

Tina Barseghian | Posted 06.16.2011 | Education
Tina Barseghian

With guidance and support -- and with parents to set examples of what they think is appropriate -- kids can learn their place and their responsibility as part of a worldwide online community.