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Chris Wallace The Huffington Post

Snubbed By Obama, Fox News's Chris Wallace Calls White House "Biggest Bunch Of Crybabies I've Ever Seen" (VIDEO)

Letterman Takes On Chris Wallace For "Softball" Cheney Interview (VIDEO)

Andrew Sullivan Slams Chris Wallace Over Cheney Interview

Don Imus Tells Chris Wallace: Lou Dobbs Acting Like "Grassy Knoll Nut" (VIDEO)

Sunday Morning Still Searching For Successor To Russert's Throne: Will It Be Stephanopoulos?

Glenn Beck Parodied As The Patient Zero Of 'Obama Derangement Syndrome'

Chris Wallace Asked To Distance Himself From Fox News Tea Party Promotion

Chris Wallace On Playing Newsman With His Stepfather, Why Roger Ailes Is Like Roone Arledge

Chris Wallace: My Grandson Is "Completely Obsessed" With Obama

Obama Tells Fox News: "It's Fair To Say I Don't Always Get My Most Favorable Coverage On Fox" (VIDEO)

Biden: "I Know As Much Or More Than Cheney"

Chris Wallace: "Traditional 'Meet The Press' Audience Will Shop Around"

Fox's Chris Wallace Gets Riled At Frost/Nixon Panel

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