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Evangelical Nonprofits Have Dismal Record At Hiring Women Into Top Positions

Striking Professors At General Theological Seminary Respond Positively To School's Offer

New Chicago Archbishop Won't Live In $14.3 Million Cardinal's Mansion

Brazil's Wildly Popular Virgin Mary Procession Draws Millions -- Even Though Its Citizens Are Leaving The Church

Britain's Top Catholic Cardinal Holding Onto Hope For More Inclusive Church

Televangelist Reportedly Urged Vasectomies, Abortion

Hope For General Theological Seminary As Board Will Consider Rehiring Faculty

Think Hillsong's Brian Houston Is Open To Same-Sex Marriages? Think Again

Seventh-Day Adventists To Vote On Women's Ordination In 2015

Catholic Bishops Scrap Welcome To Gays

Hillsong Church Founder Defends Handling Of Father's Sex Abuse Case

What Jefferson, Dickens And Tolstoy Can Teach Us About Exploring The Big Questions

Stunning 85% Of Young Catholics Support Gay Equality

New Play 'Discord' Is Like Your Philosophy 101 Class, But Funnier

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