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Evangelicals Urge Rick Scott To Act On Climate Change As A 'Pro-Life' Issue

America's New Hip-Hop King Lecrae claims: My Music Is Not Christian, But I Am

Christian Restaurant Owner Makes Leap Of Faith By Letting Customers Name Their Price

Parish Priest, Dozens Of Christians Kidnapped In Syria

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Beardless Jesus Discovered On Early Christian Artifact

How To 'Gird Up Your Loins' In The Most Biblical Sense

What Happened When Tony Campolo's Son 'Came Out' As Humanist

David Archuleta Released His First Single In Years . . . And You'll Never Guess What He's Singing About

How The Russian Orthodox Church Answers Putin's Prayers In Ukraine

New Jersey Nun Is The First Would-Be Saint Beatified In The United States

How One Australian Church Is Combating Stereotypes Amidst ISIS Outrage

Americans Pray Most For Family, Friends And Themselves: Survey

13 Of The Most Unusual Places For The Angel Moroni Around The World

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