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Civil Rights Movement

Voting Rights and Money Out of Politics Movements Form Historic Democracy Coalition

Miles Mogulescu | Posted 03.20.2013 | Politics
Miles Mogulescu

The voting rights movement and the Money Out of Politics movement are finding common ground and creating a dynamic new coalition that will make each far stronger and will together create powerful momentum for resisting the growing threats to American democracy.

Leaders See Civil Rights Activism Lull In Post-MLK World

Posted 01.21.2013 | Black Voices

By 1968, President Lyndon Johnson -- a man brought into office by an assassin's bullet -- had already convinced Congress to pass the 1964 Civil Rights...

Joseph Erbentraut

What Would Martin Luther King Jr. Say To Obama? | Joseph Erbentraut | Posted 01.21.2013 | Chicago

CHICAGO -- On what would have been Martin Luther King Jr.'s 84th birthday, political and faith leaders gathered on the University of Illinois-Chicago ...

The Most Extreme Form of Nonviolence

Yogi Cameron Alborzian | Posted 03.17.2013 | Healthy Living
Yogi Cameron Alborzian

The yogic path labels nonviolence as "ahimsa." According to this tradition, violence is any act that inflicts harm onto not just other people, but onto oneself.

50 Years Ago Was a Time That Defined Our Nation's Future

Byron Williams | Posted 03.10.2013 | Books
Byron Williams

January 1963 ushered in a year of hope and hostility. It was particularly evident in the area of civil rights.

Do We Still Need Kwanzaa?

Theodore Johnson | Posted 02.19.2013 | Black Voices
Theodore Johnson

As important as it is for African-Americans to have an appreciation for the continent of our origin, perhaps we have evolved to a point where Kwanzaa isn't as useful as it once was.

What MLK Still Has To Say

Malcolm Boyd | Posted 02.17.2013 | Religion
Malcolm Boyd

Today, it is apparently easier to place King back in history than to live with what he still has to say. But when it comes to peace and justice, MLK is as unyielding in death as he was in life.

Off the Playground of Civil Society

Harry Boyte | Posted 02.17.2013 | Education
Harry Boyte

Such ideas may seem academic. But in fact the idea of civil society illustrates the power of framing concepts to structure resources, define the meaning of citizenship, and organize education.

Civil Rights Leader Dies At 86

AP | PHILLIP LUCAS | Posted 02.16.2013 | Black Voices

ATLANTA — Jesse Hill Jr., a civil rights leader and businessman who later became the first black president of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, d...

America's Bad Karma: Homophobia And Racism

Brian Stone | Posted 02.05.2013 | Gay Voices
Brian Stone

Even if gay marriage were legalized, discrimination outlawed and all the freedoms of one enjoyed by all, our problems would linger. To truly win, we must win the right way. We need to set a good example for gay youth, and we need to display the dignity our enemies deny us.

New Evidence In 1970s Civil Rights Case

The Huffington Post | Leigh Owens | Posted 11.30.2012 | Black Voices

Citing new evidence, the NAACP has asked the North Carolina governor to pardon the so-called Wilmington Ten who were convicted of arson and conspiracy...

The Central Park Five Deserve Economic Justice

Tom Allon | Posted 01.29.2013 | New York
Tom Allon

When you rob five young men of their youth, innocence and educational opportunity and put them and their families through hell for more than a decade, you owe them more than an apology -- you owe them restitution.

The Voting Rights Act, the Supreme Court and the Life of Lawrence Guyot

Doug Kendall | Posted 01.28.2013 | Politics
Doug Kendall

As we mark the passing of a civil rights warrior who wore his scars proudly, Lawrence Guyot's story should serve as a reminder of the truly heroic efforts that were necessary to win passage of iconic laws such as the Voting Rights Act.

What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Kumbaya?

Michael Sigman | Posted 01.19.2013 | Media
Michael Sigman

If Kumbaya abuse has been so deep that the mere sound of the word hurts your ears, try this: Sit quietly for a couple of minutes, watching your breath go in and out.

Diane Nash's Call for Nonviolent Action

John Dear | Posted 01.23.2014 | Impact
John Dear

Like a wise professor, Diane Nash walked us through the methodology of nonviolence/agapaic energy, and urged us to use this power to change our country and the world.

Candidate Explains Why He Called Civil Rights Icon 'A Gimmick'

The Huffington Post | John Celock | Posted 11.01.2012 | Politics

Mike Connolly, an independent candidate for Massachusetts state legislature, said he didn't call the late civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks "a gimmick" ...

Inspiring Lessons From Ruby Bridges: A True American Heroine

Marian Wright Edelman | Posted 12.12.2012 | Impact
Marian Wright Edelman

Ruby Bridges is an inspiring reminder that our nation owes a huge debt of gratitude not just to the adults who took a stand during the Civil Rights Movement, but to the extraordinary children and youths who were front-line soldiers in the war to overthrow Jim Crow in American life.

Meeting The Demands Of A New Generation Of Christian Leaders

Tim Suttle | Posted 12.10.2012 | Religion
Tim Suttle

Born out of the traditions of the civil rights movement, the Christian Community Development Association is now engaging a new generation of pastors, prophets and ministers. This next generation of CCDA will naturally look somewhat different from previous generations.

Trymaine Lee

Rev. Jesse Jackson Celebrates Birthday By Springing American Captives From Gambian Prison | Trymaine Lee | Posted 10.08.2012 | Black Voices

Depending on who's telling it, the Rev. Jesse Jackson is either a civil rights icon and trailblazer or a self-serving opportunist and attention-monger...

Power Is in Your Person

Marian Wright Edelman | Posted 12.05.2012 | Impact
Marian Wright Edelman

Dolores Huerta's many successes over the years have proven her right about the power every person can have once they are ready to claim it and work together with others for change.

The Legacy of Arthur Ochs Sulzberger and the Civil Rights Movement

Clarence B. Jones | Posted 11.30.2012 | Media
Clarence B. Jones

The recent death of Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, former publisher of the New York Times, provoked memories of the Times and its coverage of the Civil Rights Movement during the 1960s.

Benjamin E. Mays: Schoolmaster of the Civil Rights Movement

Christine A. Scheller | Posted 11.30.2012 | Religion
Christine A. Scheller

Martin Luther King Jr. didn't emerge on the civil rights scene fully formed but drew from a rich spiritual and intellectual heritage that he owed, in part, to his mentor, the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays.

What Lasting Change Requires: The Hard Truth About Hard Work in the President's Speech

Benj Hewitt | Posted 11.09.2012 | Politics
Benj Hewitt

In our hurry-up, fix-it-NOW society, we expect problems to be solved and solved quickly. We forget the crucial lessons of past battles: Change takes time, and changes takes persistent work. And then more time and more work.

The Racial Divide: Will It Widen Or Close?

Marian Wright Edelman | Posted 10.31.2012 | Education
Marian Wright Edelman

We are once again at a critical turning point for our children and nation. Despite all the harsh lessons of the past and all the lofty rhetoric about who we want and need to be as a 21st century multicultural nation in a multiracial and multicultural world, we’re heading in the wrong direction.

Late Senator's Secret Documents Reveal Leak Uproar

AP | LAWRENCE MESSINA | Posted 10.04.2012 | Politics

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- U.S. Sen. Robert C. Byrd obtained secret FBI documents about the civil rights movement that were leaked by the CIA and triggered ...